Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Mumblings of a Manic Marauder

The Giants have a way of giving me a heart attack, reviving me, sending me into shock, destroying my shreds of hope, and then renewing my faith in the football gods, all in the course of a single game. I need to sleep more.

Blizzard's use of phasing in Icecrown is awesome. I helped the Argent Crusade move through The Breach and retake Crusader's Pinnacle yesterday. I love being able to see change effected in the world around my character.

The Sons of Hodir can take a gorram long walk off a short pier. I don't care if I've said it before, I hate rep grinding.

I just learned that the Spiked Titansteel Helm is getting neutered. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Divine Storm should not be prioritized over Crusader Strike, even if you use the Venture Co. libram. Seriously people, you're talking about an extra second of ~2% crit per cycle in exchange for fewer overall instant strikes. Crusader Strike is higher DPS, higher DPM - use it over Divine Storm. I don't care if holy whirlwind is sexy.

I hate the t3/t7 graphics. Give me my Lightbringer back.

Death Knight/Ret Paladin 2v2 is overpowered. Hell, Death Knight/anything is overpowered. Did you know that death knights can negate just about any sort of attack? Here's a list of why I'm envious:

  1. They can heal themselves with Rune Tap, Mark of Blood, Blood Aura, or by sacrificing their ghoul. Or probably other ways too.
  2. They have high armor and as much dodge/parry as a rogue, negating a lot of physical damage.
  3. They have anti-magic shell and anti-magic shield, which can drastically reduce magic damage.
  4. They have Icebound Fortitude, which is Divine Protection on crack with no shared-ability lockout.
  5. They can silence enemies from a distance with Strangulate.
  6. They can Death Grip enemies to close the distance between a caster/ranged and themselves.
  7. They have pets to use for constant pushback on casters.
  8. They have ways of dispelling HoT's.
  9. They have multiple DoT's that not a lot of people can get rid of.
  10. They do a fair amount of damage.
  11. Their gargoyles can rip things to shreds.
  12. They can raise fallen allies as ghouls for a short period.

Seriously, they're ridiculous. I watched my partner 1v2 several very good 2v2 arena teams after I got nuked to holy hell (go go 0 resilience and 17k HP).

I'm almost to the point where I can make the fun engineering stuff. I'm having trouble resisting the urge to just buy tons of metal off the AH and power my engy skill higher.

I need to PUG some 25-man stuff and get Emblems of Valor. There are some pieces of armor available from the vendor that I just plain want.

Maybe if I just don't wear shoulder armor I'd be happier.

Good grief, the new arenas are silly. Flame walls? Moving platforms? Sewage water that blocks LoS? No mounts in the sewer meaning I have to run 20 yards without speed boosts or cover and get plinked and plunked by arrows, shadow magic, and hot hot heat as I close the distance? Puh-lease.

For the last time, people, the Ashbringer is not going to be equippable. Tirion Fordring has it, and unless they kill him off (dear lord, NOOOOOO!!!), I can't see any possible scenario in which he'd fork it over to some random raider. Frostmourne, maybe... but probably not.

I want some Ulduar armor graphic previews.

Is the Judgement bug fixed yet?

Seriously, is it fixed yet? I'm tired of hearing the whining.

Speaking of whining, boo-hoo there are ads on the official forums. Get over it, Blizzard is a commercial entity.

I'm hungry, screw this I'm going to get me some lunch. I wonder what's in the company cafeteria today...


uke said...

FYI, the judgement bug is, indeed, fixed.

Suicidal Zebra said...

The bug specific to Judgement is fixed.

However there is a wider bug affecting all classes which has similar symptoms to the Judgement Bug, i.e. spell being cast and mana being consumed but no perceptible effect. Thus your Judgement, or any other of your abilities, may 'bug' but it should be a much rarer occurrence.

Oh, and agree++ with Ashbringer not being a drop. Though perhaps it may be an encounter-drop similar to the weapons in the Kael'Thas encounter.