Friday, December 5, 2008

Wrath 3.0 - Ret Meta Gems Recalculated

At the behest of a comment by Saltycracker, I'm running the numbers again for the meta gems I compared yesterday. This time, I'm going to substitute the AP/stamina version of the purple gem instead of using the currently unavailable strength/stamina gem, and I'm also going to include Divine Strength in my calculations.

I'll also correct arithmetic mistakes I made when I re-run the numbers here, but since I don't want to go back and re-do my math on my previous post, your evidence that Josh can't do simple multiplication and addition at 11:30 at night after a 14 hour day will be preserved for all eternity. Or, at least, until the internet dies.

Here goes nothin' -

RED + 1 red + 1 orange + 1 purple
Base stats (boosted with Divine Strength and Kings) -> converted to melee ratings
24 strength (30.36) -> 60.72 attack power
21 agility (23.1) -> 20.4 crit rating
12 stamina (13.2)
16 attack power (16)
8 crit rating (8)

RED gem combination aggregate stats:
76.72 attack power
28.4 crit rating
13.2 stamina

CSD + 1 red + 2 purple
Base stats (boosted with Divine Strength and Kings) -> converted to melee ratings
16 strength (20.24) -> 40.48 attack power
24 stamina (26.4)
24 attack power
21 crit rating

CSD gem combination aggregate stats:
64.48 attack power
21 crit rating
26.4 stamina

Gains/losses from using RED over CSD as a meta, with associated gem requirements included:
+12.24 attack power
+7.4 crit rating
-13.2 stamina

So, kids, always remember. Josh is right. Josh is always right. And even when Josh is wrong, he's usually more right than he thought.

EDIT: Remember, though, if you're a jewelcrafter, all this analysis goes out the window. You can use prismatic "bold" gems to cover the CSD requirement, pushing the CSD ahead of the RED for jewelcrafters only.

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