Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Mutterings

Consecration should do additional damage to undead/demons.

I want a charge-like ability where I either close the distance and bash something with my shield (if equipped), or lower my shoulder into a mob and knock it down/back.

Seal of the Martyr should have been named Seal of Sacrifice. It functions just like the Diablo 2 ability "Sacrifice."

I feel very conflicted about gearing/raiding. I'm an "all or nothing" sort of person, and the thought of entering raid-level instances without the ultimate goal of achieving the pinnacle of the raid game (defeating the hardest boss and maxing out my gear) seems... well, wrong (for me).

I'm not 80 yet, but all the same I'm very nervous about screwing up the Heigan dance when I do eventually step into Naxx. I never did it at 60, and never saw past the first boss in that wing at 70, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect or how to do it. I'm predicting I die on the first attempt.

I made salsa chicken Wednesday night. Chicken cutlet, baked for 40 minutes on 350 heat covered in pineapple salsa, served with white rice and sweet corn. It was good. I need to learn how to cook more than that and baked ziti/pasta dishes.

Questlines in Northrend are much more engaging than Outland. I think it's because every quest is dripping in Azerothian lore.

The Vrykul are creepy.

I'm getting some people saying that they can't find tanks for groups, and others saying there's a glut of tanks. Which is it? I can't tell if there's too many or not enough!

Dual-specs can't come soon enough.

I saw a forum post on Maintankadin entitled "Sometimes I wish I were unemployed..." There are times I wish the same, so I could play a little more. It was a struggle this week to find 2 hours to play. Damn my so-called "real life!"

Holiday gift giving is rushing up to hit me in the face like a brick wall. You realize there's 3 weeks until Christmas (and for us tribesmen out there, less than 3 weeks until Chanukah)? Holy crap, I need to jump on that.

Repentance with a 60-second duration in PvE is friggen' awesome.



Paul said...

Vykrul are currently my favourite enemies. There's something fun about beating up giant, occasionally-undead vikings.

Anonymous said...

most LFG's have slightly too many dps, tanks are reasonably available but not excessive, harder to find healers, who are mostly levelling dps. This is for pre 80.

Andrew (Aizell)