Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Bracing Discovery

In my research for my upcoming gear list/recommendation post, I was checking out options for plate DPS bracers. What I found was that there is one set of blue-quality bracers from the first boss of heroic Azjol-Nerub, and that's it for non-raid plate DPS bracer instance drops. Guh? Only one option?

I'll have to double check my facts, but I think I might have missed something. There's got to be more than one choice for bracers from 5-mans... right? The worse part is those bracers from heroic Azjol-Nerub probably don't outpace the Lightbringer bracers with consideration to the haste, expertise, and socket on the Lightbringer ones.

Ah well, once I finalize my list I'll know.


Andris said...

There's a crafted blacksmithing pair of bracers called, I think, "Vengeance Bindings" which may beat out your T6 set.

Two other options seem to round out the list:

Cast Iron Shackles - BoE Violet Hold trash drop.
Bands of the Stoneforge (epic) - last boss in Heroic Halls of Stone.

Dradis said...

Thats what I came up with too. Even though they are blue, the Cast Iron Shackles seem to be a better choice unless you are hit capped without the bracers.

Anonymous said...

How about mail bracers?
I'm sure there is good mail bracers with tons of attack power, critical and also some agility and intellect.
You sacrifice some armor but I think the trade-off is worth.