Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hump Day Mutterings

Axes are unrefined. I've never equipped a one-handed axe, and I actively avoid two-handed axes, even if they're slight upgrades in spite of my sword/mace expertise racials.

Blizzard needs to vary paladin vocabulary. Sacred, Divine, Crusader, Vengeance, and Righteous are appropriate, but too small of a word pool.

Sometimes I wish WoW had collision mechanics.

If I had to pick one class of weapon to use for-ever more, it'd be maces.

I like the Lightbringer armor skin. Possibly even more than I liked the Judgement armor skin.

If I ever get the name Baelor back for my character, I might jump for joy. The confusion being sown on forums is noticeable.

I hope that the Ashbringer and Frostmourne never become lootable items. Same goes for Uther's hammer (if it is ever located) and most other major lore-heavy items. On a related note, I want my Sulfuras to be usable, gorramit! I worked hard for that thing and now there are one-handed weapons with nearly double its DPS.

Knight Cathmor, or Cathmor the Argent Champion? I'm probably sticking with Knight.

I am not looking forward to engaging in the level 80 gear grind.

Is GRRM ever going to publish A Dance with Dragons? I've been waiting forever. Maybe I should read the Hedge Knight - Dunk & Egg stories to tide me over. I need more tales of knights and sword fights and medieval political intrigue.

I haven't tried out the barbershop in WoW yet. I like my paladin's haircut - do I dare test it out?

Are any of the engineering armor attachments worth making and using over regular enchants for raiding? Or is it all just novelty stuff with situational or limited application?

What libram do I want to use for retribution at 80?

Will I be able to find 5-man heroic groups at 80 as ret, or will I need to keep my tank/healer gear on stand-by at all times?

Do I want to engage in arenas at 80 aside from acquiring useful gear for PvE? I've never been a great arena player, and I only occasionally engage in battlegrounds.

I want to kill the Horde factional leaders. I wonder how much effort a city raid would be to organize.

Do I care about achievements at all? I have absolutely no motivation to complete most of them other than to say "hey look at me I have proof I did stuff."

Does this blog accomplish anything other than giving me an outlet to ramble for pages upon pages about Warcraft?

Is this a good place to end this post?


Anonymous said...

Do read those GRRM stories about Dunk. Do it now.

You preview all the other haircuts at the barber shop without actually getting one. You can see them all without spending or changing anything.

I, too, want to kill Horde leaders.

The few times I've thought of going Ret, I force myself to remember how a tank can essentially form his own groups. You want Heroic ________? Grab some friends and go. A random DPSer is pretty much at the mercy of the tanks (and perhaps healers) as to what gets run. As a tank, the majority of my friends list is healers. A run with a tank and a healer is a fait accompli.

That said, it seems like a really good time to be Ret. I sometimes wish I had 2 Paladins, but I have to remind myself that farming gold for respecs is much quicker than levelling 1-80.


Hulan said...

If you fancy a change whilst you're waiting for GRRM, have you tried Steven Erikson's Malazan Empire series. Now up to 8/10 - they would keep you busy for a while and they're excellent.