Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why Yes, I Can Duo Heroics

Late last night I was seeking a jewelcrafter to cut a [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond] for me, so I could shove it into the meta socket of my newly-minted [Spiked Titansteel Helm]. None of the JC's in my guild had that meta cut, and I wasn't getting much of a response from trade chat, so I scoured my friends list for potential prospects.

My salvation came in a hunter friend, whom I know loves to keep on top of the jewelcrafting market. When I whispered him, he informed me that he did in fact have that meta cut. Joy! But, I'd have to wait, because he was in heroic Sethekk Halls trying to get the raven mount. What I didn't realize was that he was trying to duo Anzu with a death knight buddy, and failing. He had a level 70 druid summon Anzu and then leave.

He and his death knight friend could not manage to beat Anzu down, and then the death knight left. Being the benevolent paladin that I am, I offered to come help, despite the fact that seconds earlier I found a gem-cutter and plopped down a decent tip for his services. He accepted, so I returned to Outland for the first time since I had landed on the shores of Northrend.

The hunter had solo'ed his way to Anzu using his gorilla pet, bosses and all. The room was clear, just him, the gorilla, and the big bad bird. I buffed the hunter and myself with Blessing of Might, and his gorilla with Blessing of Kings. I let the gorilla tank. With the help of Mend Pet, Judgement of Light, and Art of War-Flash of Light heals, the gorilla tanked fairly decently, dying only once. I blew my Lay on Hands, a mana potion, Divine Plea twice, Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection (on the hunter), AND my Avenging Wrath cooldown, but Anzu went down. Hard.

No raven mount, though.

We killed Ikiss for good measure and left. Boy that dude is easy at 80, even on heroic.

So yes, some level 70 heroics are solo-able. I may be able to finish that Outland-heroic dungeon achievement if I want without a group! But feh, I'd rather spend my time bopping swarms of skeletons on the head or cutting down swaths of Horde in Wintergrasp.


Suicidal Zebra said...

*psst* Ret buffs on the latest PTR.

Aerophilia said...

I ahve been 2 manning this boss for the mount witha druid friend. Easy mode :p