Monday, December 29, 2008

Bird Is The Word

Off-topic I know, but I can't contain myself.

Did anyone else notice that nearly every bird-themed football franchise made the playoffs this year? If the Seahawks weren't so miserably bad (sorry Seattle, this just ain't your year...), we might have seen all of them make it. The Cardinals, Eagles, Falcons, and Ravens all made the playoffs, and every one of them is an amazing/improbable story. The Cards riding Kurt Warner with no running game into the post-season; the Eagles surviving a terrible mid-season and outlasting the Cowboys, getting a helping hand from a few other teams stumbling; the Falcons and Ravens going from piss-poor to playoffs behind rookie QB's and rookie coaches.

This is going to be a fun-filled football post-season.

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Gaizen said...

Any given Sunday man.

Representing the Ravens over here.