Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Talents Make the Man

And if that's true, then when dual-spec options become active, I'm going to be one confused calamity of talent choices.

The results of my informal poll last week on how to use my "off-spec":
47% of voters felt I should spec PvE Prot
31% of voters felt I should spec PvE Holy
18% of voters felt I should spec PvP Ret
2% of voters felt I should use my 2nd spec in a different fashion all-together.

For the curious and the judgmental, here are my intended off-spec choices in talent-tree format:
PvE Prot
PvE Holy
PvP Ret

This is all in addition to my level 80 ret spec, which will either be 0/10/61 or 0/6/65, depending on whether I'm feeling giving or greedy.

I'm not level 80 yet, though, and dual-specs aren't live, so all of this is purely thought exercise.

1 comment:

Vndead said...

It all depends on if you want to PVP or PVE.

For PVP, since our gear no longer gives bonus to HoJ CD reduction, we need to have the 18 points in Prot.

For PVE, you only need to take 5 prot points.