Monday, December 1, 2008

Glyph, Gaffe, Goof

For posterity, my preferred major glyph set up for raiding for all three paladin specs:

[Glyph of Judgement]
[Glyph of Seal of Command]
[Glyph of Crusader Strike]

[Glyph of Judgement]
[Glyph of Seal of Vengeance]
[Glyph of Righteous Defense]

[Glyph of Judgement]
[Glyph of Seal of Light]
[Glyph of Holy Light]

This is for PvE raiding, not PvP or solo'ing. For the ret choices, I have a hang-up. I didn't want to take the Seal of Command glyph, as I'll likely use Seal of the Martyr in a raid situation, however, I love using Seal of Command. Okay, let me rephrase. I've grown attached to Seal of Command. The idea of hurting myself every time I swing or Judge seems silly, which makes SotM a turn-off.

Plus, there aren't a ton of glyphs out there that are immediately useful to retribution. [Glyph of Turn Evil]? Very situational. [Glyph of Avenging Wrath]? Hammer of Wrath is fairly awesome, I guess that'd be a decent choice... [Glyph of Seal of Blood]? Going from 10 to 11% mana return on Spiritual Attunement isn't all that exciting.

I dunno, I guess I'll eventually wrench my SoComm glyph out of there if I start raiding regularly and replace with that AW-HoW glyph. That doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.


Suicidal Zebra said...

Glyph of AW, or Glyph of Spiritual Attunement. Bizarrely GoSA increases mana regened via SA more than the Seal of Blood Glyph (2% vs 1%), and doesn't require SoB to be up.

Glyph of Consecration is also worth looking at. You're rarely able to fit in a Consecration less than every 10 seconds because the standard Ret rotation doesn't allow it, and it's a pretty big improvement to a spell which generates no small amount of DPS.

Anonymous said...

I thought Glyph of blood improves SA by 10% not 1%, am i wrong?

Suicidal Zebra said...

Glyph of SoBlood's wording is misleading, the 10% is multiplicative rather than additive i.e. it increases the mana received via SA by 10% of the previous value. Hence the total mana gained via Spiritual Attunement with this Glyph and SoB active is 10% + (10*.1)% = 11%. Yes, it's stupid, but there it is.

The wording on the Glyph of Spiritual Attunement is different and indicates an additive relationship, i.e. 10%+2% = 12%. This has been borne out by Beta and Live testing, though by all means check it out for yourself. Hence in all situations the SA Glyph is better (and cheaper too).

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on raiding with SoC? I have not had a chance to raid yet, but perusing EJ, mana seems to be the main problem for rets. SoB(martyr) seems to solve some of these problems, as well as the SA glyph.

(Doesn't it also do more dps still?)

Josh said...

Good call Zebra, Glyph of SA would be better than Glyph of SoB. However, I think I'll probably end up sticking with my Glyph of SoComm in the end, since there are encounters where I'd use Command over Martyr.

Mana is a problem for rets who spam all their abilities all the time. If you insist on using Consecration constantly, then sure, you'll run into mana problems. I haven't raided at 80 yet, so I can't say if that's EJ'ers pushing the envelope or people misusing their abilities.

I plan on using Seal of the Martyr in raids whereever possible, though. It's not about the mana gain from healing - it's just superior damage, even with the SoComm glyph.

Lore said...

Consecration glyph is very good. I don't use it at the moment since I'm swapping back and forth between Ret and Prot a lot lately, but it's nice to have.

AW-HoW glyph is nice.

Exorcism glyph is also surprisingly useful. I don't know that it's worth leaving in all the time but for fights like Kel'thuzad it's pretty great.

I haven't had much of an issue with mana on most fights. On longer fights I use a runic mana pot instead of a potion of speed, it's worth around 75% of my entire mana pool.

Gaizen said...

I use the Consecration glyph, the CS glyph, and the Judgement glyph. I hardly have any problems in a mana rich environment such as raids. That being said, I still dont spam concecrate like a moron, I only use it once we are comfortably in the middle of a fight and Im maintaining a mostly full mana bar.

The SoC glyph is pretty cool, But there arent to many fights where im afraid to get health gibbed. (Lotheb comes to mind here)

Even then I switch to SoV for the alternative.