Monday, December 15, 2008

Sleep is for the Weak

Instead of doing the smart thing and going to bed at a decent hour, I decided to run instances and do quests into the wee hours of the morning all weekend. I have a cold and several revered reputations to show for my efforts.

No, WoW was not the only thing I did all weekend, but it was a damn large portion of my time.

Anyway, some random ramblings:

  • Naxx-10 is fun. I missed out on running Naxx-40 at level 60, so I was pumped to see all the stuff I missed. Suprisingly, I did not fail at Heigan. In fact, I was alive for most of the instance... until Sapphiron. Ugh. Between me failing at avoiding the blizzard and me getting myself cleaved on one attempt, that was just a mess.
  • Kel'Thuzad is not melee-friendly. We had a ton of melee in the raid (me, a rogue, a death knight, and 2 tanks), so that ice-freeze thingamabob kicked our ass 'cuz we were clumped up. Oh, and if you do KT anytime soon, don't pull threat on the banshees in phase 1 while in melee range. Yea, I failed hard.
  • Replenishment is friggen awesome. The healers were noticeably better off when I was alive in Naxx.
  • Forming pick-up groups for Sartharion-10 (no drakes up for kill) and Archavon-10 were relatively simple. Thank the Light that most of the upper-tier raid guilds don't care about the 10-man progression, I was able to ninja a few people for Sartharion. I did end up picking some people out of trade chat for it though... and the DPS from the pick-ups was terrible. I also turned away a ret paladin who was wearing mostly s4 gear and wasn't even close to hit cap (probably sub-90 hit?). If you're going to offer yourself up for a raid, be ready for it.
  • I've almost replaced all my t6 gear. There's a shiny new claymore in my hands, I'm probably a bunch of quests and a few instance runs away from exalted with the Ebon Blade for some new boots, and then I just need to find some bracers, a necklace, and some shoulders. I'm hoping for another Naxx-10 run and some lucky drops with t7 tokens.
  • I'm very interested to do Malygos-10.
  • I didn't do anything regarding the gear list this weekend, 'cuz I decided I wanted to play instead. The result is no gear list, 16 hours of sleep over 3 days this weekend, and me slumped at my desk this morning.
  • Random side-note: I found time between my WoW'ing and sleeping to see Quantum of Solace. Not sure I liked it. Was much more impressed with Casino Royale of the "new" Bond flicks.
  • This bullet is here to say that bulleted lists are fairly blasé, but that's what you get today. I don't have to take your crap, read it and like it! Don't give me that look.
  • I don't miss 25-man raiding that much, but I do miss the camraderie with the fellow raiders and the gear. I'm such a gear whore.
  • I tanked a bunch of instances on Sunday. Prot is looking good, no complaints. I love bubble-wall, and finally being able to smack someone with my shield was a riot.
  • The Sons of Hodir quest-line is long, but the payoff at the end as far as item rewards and quest resolutions looks to be promising. Hate grinding, but love rewards...

And that, my friends, is what I call a WoW addiction.

I think I should take it a bit easier this week... but I'll probably find myself in Naxx-10 again before the week's over.

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