Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Miss Them All Ready

I got my wish - I slapped together a Naxx-10 run on Tuesday and the t7 shoulder token dropped for me.

Now I get to live with the cold, hard, ugly reality of my fortune.

When does Ulduar get released? These things are fugly. I want my Lightbringer back, this will wear on me.


Suicidal Zebra said...

I had the idea a little while ago of creating an Achievement for Tier Gear whereby if you complete all of a set you get a spell or tabard which mimics that look so long as you aren't in PvP.

Anyway, you bring up the ever troubling question: "How much worse will the next Tier look?". Be afraid, be very afraid.

Dallanna said...

Kinda similar how I felt when I finally put my Stormherald to rest and got the Saronite Mindcrusher in its stead... it just doesn't look as fearsome though. :(

Alex - aka Firelight said...

We all miss our old gear - especially the tier 6 pally gear - its certainly our best looking gear since Teir 2.

@Dallanna: Stormherald never looked fearsome!

Josh said...

I kept my full s3 PvP gear together. That's going to be my RP set, 'cuz f!@# all Lightbringer looks sexy.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again - Paladins are Holy Warriors of the Light, not Power Rangers. DOWN WITH T3! UP WITH T2/T6!