Friday, March 13, 2009

Beginner Gear at 80: Non-instanced Gear Rewards

Everyone starts somewhere. Whether your paladin is a re-roll, a fresh start, or simply just has been sitting around for a while, once it gets to level 80 it will need some gear to use. If retribution is your game, I can point you to some gear that will get you by until you feel you're ready for instances. The following is a compilation of gear from Wowhead - all the gear referenced is from one of several sources:

  1. Non-instance quests
  2. Professions (using no "expensive" materials like Frozen Orbs); or
  3. Reputation
The list will go slot-by-slot and detail 2-4 options available. Remember, these are your "economy" options. My next post details the more expensive stuff you can have crafted or buy from the auction house if you want to spring for something a bit more shiny. By taking from both lists, you can work yourself up a nice set of gear without ever entering an instance.

The following items are listed from most powerful to least powerful as according to Josh's gut instinct and relative item level from Wowhead, in the following format:

Equipment Slot
Item - Source
Item - Source

Helm of Command - Blacksmithing
Fang Deflecting Faceguard - Reputation (Revered, Argent Crusade)
Helm of Towering Rage - Quest (Reclamation, Sholazar Basin)

The Severed Noose of Westwind - Quest (The Admiral Revealed, Icecrown)
Choker of the Betrayer - Quest (Betrayal, Zul'Drak)
Jade Dagger Pendant - Jewelcrafting

Spaulders of the Giant Lords - Reputation (Revered, Sons of Hodir)
Gold Star Spaulders - Reputation (Revered, The Oracles)
Savage Saronite Pauldrons - Blacksmithing

Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions - Reputation (Honored, Wyrmrest Accord) (Yes, it's a tanking cloak. It's got strength and hit.)
Illskar's Greatcloak - Quest (Revenge for the Vargul, Icecrown)
Cloak of the Deadliest Game - Quest (Post-partum Aggression, Sholazar Basin)
Cloak of Holy Extermination - Reputation (Honored, Argent Crusade)

Blackened Brestplate of the Vault - Quest (Shadow Vault Decree, Icecrown)
Battleplate of Unheard Ovation - Quest (Battle at Valhalas: Final Challenge, Icecrown)
Whalebone Carapace - Reputation (Honored, Kalu'ak)
Links of the Terrified Deity - Quest (Convocation at Zol'heb, Zul'Drak)

Vengeance Bindings - Blacksmithing
Battlescar Spirebands - Quest (Not-So-Honorable Combat, Icecrown)
Savage Saronite Bracers - Blacksmithing

Astrid's Riding Gloves - Quest (Making a Harness, Storm Peaks)
Savage Saronite Gauntlets - Blacksmithing
Gauntlets of Vigilance - Quest (The Reckoning, Storm Peaks)

Thorim's Grasp - Quest (The Earthen Oath, Storm Peaks)
Savage Saronite Waistguard - Blacksmithing
Stability Girdle - Quest (The Stone That Started a Revolution, Icecrown)

Coldblooded Legplates - Quest (Emergency Measures (H) / Fervor of the Frostborn (A), Storm Peaks)
Plated Legs of the Unholy - Quest (The Rider of the Unholy, Icecrown)
Savage Saronite Legplates - Blacksmithing

The Darkspear's Iron Walkers - Quest (Mind Tricks, Icecrown)
Icewalker's Spikes - Quest (Establishing Superiority (H) / Securing the Perimeter (A), Icecrown)
Rockshaper Stompers - Quest (Valduran the Stormborn, Storm Peaks)

Ring of Scarlet Shadows - Jewelcrafting
Signet of Bridenbrad - Quest (Light Within The Darkness, Icecrown)
Jagged Ice Band - Quest (Forging the Keystone (H) / The Brothers Bronzebeard (A), Storm Peaks)
Frog-Toe Band - Quest (Basic Chemistry, Icecrown)

Chuchu's Tiny Box of Horrors - Quest (The Shadow Vault, Icecrown)
Crusader's Locket - Quest (Defending the Vanguard, Icecrown)
Fezzik's Pocketwatch - Quest (The Last Line of Defense, Icecrown)
Horn of Argent Fury - Quest (That's What Friends Are For…, Zul'Drak)

Runeblade of Demonstrable Power - Reputation (Revered, Knights of the Ebon Blade)
Argent Skeleton Crusher - Reputation (Revered, Argent Crusade)
De-Raged Waraxe - Quest (The Champion of Anguish, Zul'Drak)
Whale-Stick Harpoon - Reputation (Revered, Kalu'ak)

Venture Co. Libram of Retribution - Venture Coins Turn-in (Grizzly Hills)
Libram of Furious Blows - Quest (Return My Remains (H) / Get Me Outta Here! (A), Borean Tundra)

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Nathan said...

Excellent post, thank you. I made a rather forced switch to protection several levels ago, but with dual spec on the horizon, I'm anxious to resume my retribution lifestyle. This has really helped me know what I should start with until I'm able to build up different gear from instances and raids.