Thursday, March 5, 2009



Dual specs! Dual specs! Dual specs! Dual specs!



... if you can't tell, I want dual specs and I want them now.

I've been prot for something like 2 weeks now due to a lack of tanks that want to do anything that I want to do whenever I log in. I hate logging out as prot. It makes me feel untrue to myself.

My ret set is looking spiffy, though. After that undermanned Naxx, I'm pretty happy with where my gear is. Another few 25-man runs and I can grab some valorous shoulders, and then I'll be rid of all my 10-man set pieces.

Still no headway made on the rest of those last two Glory of the Raider achievements. I spent probably close to 3-4 hours working on The Twilight Zone but I'm not as good of a tank as I am a ret paladin - half of all wipes were due to mistakes I made, taunts I missed, or Consecrations I misplaced. The other half were a combination of mistimed cooldown usage on the Sarth tank. I'm convinced that the whelp tank is the hardest job on that encounter. As for the You Don't Have An Eternity achievement, I might be doing it tonight, but I'm not optimistic being able to get a good group together. Probably for the best, I have a paper to write anyway.


Jackboy said...

Tanking whelps is the WORST.

I was progression whelp tank for my guild (thankfully we've recruited a couple tanks since then), and I wanted to stab my eyeballs out.

I feel your pain my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a Dual-Spec fan myself, being mainly a DPS player for the past 2 and a half years, but I can see why you'd love the feature ;)

As for the achievements: Don't give up! Give it your best! It doesn't matter if you make mistakes - it makes you better for the next time! Keep at it so that you can finally post an SS with the achievement on the blog :)

- Aenur of Hydraxis

Garry said...

I whelp/elem tank for both our guild's normal and heroic versions of this. Every time I ride my plagued proto drake, it reminds me of how well-earned/lucky it was.

Tips on getting aggro on most of the whelps as they spawn. Have a holy pally running RF. Positon yourself between the portal and the holy pally and spam consecrates before they even spawn. You will have to lava dance to get the consecrate placement at times.

Avoiding Tenebron spawning 2 sets of whelps is ideal, esp. in 10 man. If he does spawn a 2nd set, macro HoP for your best AoE'er and let him go to work. Also macro righteous defense for your holy pally.

Mistakes are going to happen with all you to do in this encounter. I remember accidentally taunting Sarth after all the drakes were down. I was clicking a lava blaze and Sarth's hit box is funky when your back is to him. Luckily the Sarth tank got him back before a breath occurred. **phew**

Keep at it, it's highly rewarding once complete.

Josh said...

I taunted Sarth after 2 drakes were down trying to click on a lava blaze too. Unfortunately for me, he cleaved everyone to death and the raid wiped instantly.

That sucked.

Doubly unfortunate for me, we tend to run disc priest/resto druid for healers, so I don't have that holy paladin whelp magnet to stand near. I have to find that twitchy tree of ours and make sure he doesn't get insta-gibbed, which is no small task.

Thank you for the words of encouragement though, I appreciate it :)