Thursday, March 12, 2009

UPDATE: Thoughts On Going Berserk

I threw together a Naxx-25 PUG last night. We started with the Spider Wing. Anub'Rehkan went down simply, Faerlina was a mess but a one-shot, and Maexxna was seamless. I was pretty impressed by the PUG's ability through the end of the spider wing.

Maexxna also decided to grace my raid with a Jawbone, for which I promptly won the roll. So, about that decision I had regarding re-enchanting my Death's Bite... that's not happening. I have a Jawbone with Berserking, I'm throwing the Death's Bite in the bank.

After Spider was cleared, I lead the raid through most of the Construct Wing. Our healers lost their heal buttons for a few minutes on Patchwerk, but the third time was the charm. We also took Gluth to the brink - the DPS were terrible at killing zombies and Gluth ate a few, stretching the fight length. He hit his enrage timer, but Shield Wall for the last 5-10% of Gluth's health cemented the kill.

I called the raid after Gluth since it was late. I'm going to muster the troops on Friday night and try to finish out.

EDIT: Oh, and apparently I have to moderate some forum now. I don't know if this is a compliment or punishment (just kidding Aergis!).

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