Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mailbag: UI and Macros

Mike writes:

Hey Josh my name is mike, im a regular on your blog and I'd just like to say your posts help me a ton. I was actually curious if you ever wrote a blog about your macros or what UI you use. I currently am having trouble breaking over 3100 dps in raids and I've seen ret pallies do as much as 5k easy. If you could email me or post your macros I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank for taking the time to hear me out!

Here's the last post I did on my UI.
It's from BC, but I still use most if not all of the mods listed, and my UI looks pretty much the same.

As for macro's, I don't use anything out of the ordinary. I have /startattack macro'ed to my strikes, for example:
#showtooltip Crusader Strike
/cast Crusader Strike

... I have mouseover functionality macro'ed to my defensive spells, for example:
#showtooltip Hand of Freedom
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Hand of Freedom; Hand of Freedom

... and I have a self-Flash macro to bash when Art of War is up:
#showtooltip Flash of Light
/target Cathmor
/cast Flash of Light

All the macro's I use on Cathmor fit into one of those frameworks. Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Cleanse, Divine Intervention, Lay on Hands, Hand of Protection... just about everything.

Lastly, I use Clique to throw heals on others when needed. I have Flash of Light bound to Shift + Left Click, and Holy Light bound to Shift + Right Click. If the healers are being dodgy and the tank's going down, I use my Sacred Shield mouseover macro on 'im and throw a few Shift + Left Clicks the tank's way, hoping for some crits and a Sheath of Light HoT.

Hope that answers your question, Mike!


Jacob said...

#showtooltip Flash of Light
/cast [target=player] Flash of Light

Aleathea said...

Bookmarked for future reference - thanks Josh! These are just the kind of practical tips for improving your game play that I love to find. <3

Anonymous said...

5000 DPS is some good. I haven't seen any Ret Pallies hit that yet, but I haven't been in a raid that really stacked all possible buffs in a while.

And I got an OpenID. ;)

Josh said...

Yea, that macro is probably better than my self-cast concoction.

Happy to help :)

Finally! Now people will know who you are!

5k+ DPS is what the best-in-slot ret paladins in min-maxed (read: properly stacked) raids are doing. 3k, however you slice it, is low in a 25-man with epic gearing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did about 4600 in a Sarth25+1 raid the other night, but there's all those adds kind of muddying up the numbers. Also, we just take whoever we can get - and we could only get 23 for that raid anyway - so there's no min-maxing of proper buffs.

Anyone have any idea how much DPS flasking adds? I never flask.

Heratic said...

I'm confused.
Why do you need a macro for self casting at all? It's in the game's basic options to make healing and defensive spells automatically self cast.

Thayne said...

I was under the same impression as the above poster. I know you have said you don't use many macros Josh, but would love a more in-depth article on possible macros for Retribution.

Awesome blog btw, keep up the good work.