Friday, March 27, 2009

More Figureprint Pining

I might get that. That just looks too hot not to order.

What do you think, fine E4AE reader? Mace in one hand - attack ready position, or mace in one hand - spell ready position? Or should I forget the ready positions and go with some sort of mace swingy position? Or a kneeling position, since Cathmor is oh-so-pious (paladin, duh!).

I'm thinking the pose above is the best.

EDIT: Here's the other one I'm seriously considering.


Bricu said...

I think you kinda need to get the figure print as you have it. Seriously, I would totally buy a Figure Print if I:

a) Had a full set of Armor (too casual to get cool gear)


b) could make sure said finger print was "making a rude gesture."

Josh said...

When you say "as I have it" do you mean as it's shown in this post or in my previous post? I've had several poses I've considered.

Gaizen said...

Cath casting a judgement, pose.

Darraxus said...

Is there a bubble hearth pose with the mace strapped to your back?

Josh said...

Serious response: that would be Spell Ready Directed, weapon sheathed. I dun' like it.

Real response: GTFO with your bubble hearthing talk. I never (ok, rarely) bubble hearth.

Aleathea said...

The top one. Mace in one-hand, attack ready position. Great look for a Ret Pally. Once I finish my tier set, I plan to order one of those myself.

Siha said...

I agree, top one. Bottom one is cool, but you have a shoulderplate in the face. That can't be good for your dentistry.

Rexkicker said...

Yep top one.

I'm a huge fan of the Argent Dawn tabard, and the S3 armor looks pro.

Not sure about Sulfuras, I think Armageddon would look pretty cool.

Jong said...

i like spell ready position

Mazar said...

Personaly I like the one I've nicknamed "Stop or I'll B!tch slap you!" I think you call it spell ready tho.

BigFire said...

The version I print is my full Tier 2 with Sulfuras. Looks nice in my office.