Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming Posts

Since I've neglected to do so and I've been asked by several people regarding this topic, I will be creating the following gear guides for your general consumption:

1. Beginner Gear at 80 - Non-instanced gear rewards
This post will lay out the gear to aim for from reputation, quests, world drop BoE's and craftables and prep an aspiring ret paladin in the best gear he can find outside of any instances. Expensive BoE's (such as iLvl 213 stuff from heroic Naxx, BoE badge rewards, DMC: Greatness) will not be included.

2. iLevel 200 Gear - Getting your "epic" on
This post will lay out the gear to aim for once you have access to 5-man heroics /10-man normal raids.

3. Best-in-slot v3.0 - Conqueror of Naxxramas
This post will lay out the "best in slot" gear to aim for once you can clear the raid content in the game as of WoW 3.0. Ulduar and 3.1 gear will not be included.

4. BoE's, Crafts, and Collectables - Gearing with an infinite budget
This post will kit out your paladin in the best gear you can get without setting foot outside of town, for those that eschew reputation/instance/quest grinding and need their gear ASAP with no mind to the price tag. Contingency items from reputation rewards will be included as alternate options for those that have their reps up already.

One thing I couldn't find a place for is normal (non-heroic) 5-man gear. I wanted to keep the beginner gear guide devoid of instance drops for the true solo player and the drops in normal 5-mans don't fit in any of the other guides. I can't think of anything in normal 5-mans that truly should be included in the thought process.


Kev said...

Excellent stuff, I was just thinking about mailing you with the Beginner Gear at 80 - Non-instanced gear rewards suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Grats on Jawbone, and grats on becoming a mod on the long-awaited non-Tankadin forum! ;)

Any thoughts, btw, on Jawbone vs Cryptfiend's Bite? Rawr is telling me that Jawbone is slightly better, but it doesn't seem worth taking it when I've got that polearm and the true object of my desire is, of course, the Betrayer.


Anonymous said...

Grats on the Jawbone!

To be honest, though - I think a few other sites have already come up with their list for the aspiring Ret at 80. Not that I think you shouldn't make one, mind you! But the normal 5-man drops can be an optional part of the guide, that people can skip over if they think they don't want to get it.

- Aenur of Hydraxis