Tuesday, March 10, 2009


See that? That's what a completed Glory of the Raider achievement looks like.

See that? That's what a really ugly proto-drake looks like.

Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... ugh, what the hell is that?


Tonight, I finished off my Glory of the Raider achievement with a 6-minute Malygos kill. A lot of my guildmates were all ready saved to Malygos-10, so I scrounged up a rag-tag group amongst the top 3 guilds on Malfurion Alliance-side. The group in the end up looking like this. It was more melee-heavy than I generally like for Malygos, and some of the group members would have been better off as different specs all buffs considered, but these guys know what they're doing, so I was confident enough.

After a quick explanation on how we would execute, we dove right in. The holy paladin we started with had to go after a few failed attempts, so our shadow priest swapped to holy and we brought in a boomkin. First shot with that group comp, we took phase 1 down in a blink, only allowing 1 vortex.

Here's what you do: have your DK watch the skies for the origination point of the first spark and call out its cardinal direction. After the first vortex, everyone but the tank moves toward that cardinal direction, and the tank goes the opposite way. For example, if the first spark is in the southwest, the tank goes northeast and faces Malygos that direction, and everyone else moves southwest and stacks on his tail. Heroism is blown, the first spark is killed. The DK then Death Grip's the next spark on top of the kill zone of the first spark. It gets killed as well, so now you've got Heroism and a double spark going. Pop your other DPS cooldowns and tear Malygos a new a$$. If he doesn't go down before he takes off for his second vortex, make sure you at least push him under 50% and keep DPS'ing so that phase 3 is shorter.

From there on out, it was just a matter of focusing fire and not messing up in phase 3. We let the 2 healers keep on healing in phase 3, moved left after every static field, and kept up our 1-1-2 rotations.

Easy peasy.

Now I may lord over the Dalaran landing pad on an ugly ugly mount! Woohoo! At least it flies fast.


Manny said...

Congratulations on the achievement and the new mount! :D

thedoctor said...

hell ya, gratz! Its really not that ugly either, kinda, but not really =P

Suicidal Zebra said...

Grats Josh!

Alex - aka Firelight said...

Grats man!!

If you want to lord it over IN Dalaran, fly round to the back end of the Horde side bank and fly directly towards it and stop just outside the front of it! The no-fly zone isnt active there!

Tom said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS! That's quite the feat. Pathetically my only chance at a proto-drake is going to come from the Oracle egg, tonight I should finaly get the rep up to revered so I'll be buying my 1st egg :)

That's what you get when you pvp to much lol.

By the way, what UI are you using? Looks similar to my bartender, but I like the fact the map is down at the botom and your character icons are as well.... I don't belive bartender handles that.

Josh said...

Thanks for the grats's guys :)
I'd like to give a shout-out to the following fine Malfurion players for PUG'ing 6-minute Maly with me:
Fiinge, Aranim, and Katelas of Unrest
Seph, Iria, and Jeffandras of Ascensio. And Thornicas, even though he bailed on us.
And, my peeps, Ppeepants, Ambrossia, and Vigy of Something Wicked.

My bars are Bartender4. I altered the map using simpleMiniMap - it allows you to change its shape and location. The dead space at the bottom where everything is located was created by Aperture, a viewport mod. I use Prat for a chat mod, Buffalo for buff bars, and Parrot for combat text. And lastly, the unit frames are X-Perl.

Honors Code said...

Great job, Josh. Enjoy the drake.

Our kill was 9 minutes and 14 seconds. I guess we've got a little work to do.

I do really hate it that so many of the 10 man achievements almost require 25 man gear to get.

Josh said...

I can't confirm this, but I bet that you could do 6 minute Malygos-10 with proper group stacking and a fully 10-manned-out group.

If you went to Malygos with the following group:
... in a mix of ilvl 200/213 gear from 10-mans and heroics, no Naxx-25 stuff and nothing from Emblems of Valor, everyone knowing how to implement the top-notch theorycraft of their class, and executed the spark-stacking strategy, I bet that 6-minute Maly-10 would be in the cards.

I'd agree that Twilight Zone would be nigh impossible without 25-man gear, though. That encounter was designed to be beyond current gear levels.

Jong said...

awesome grats!
drake looks pretty sweet

Pike said...

Big congrats ^^

Anonymous said...

Told you you can do eet if you work at it hard enough, mate!

Constipations!! ...uh, I mean - CONGRATULATIONS!! :D

- Aenur of Hydraxis

Garry said...

Congrats and welcome to the Ugly But Fast Mount Club!

Btw, wasn't it much easier controlling elems/whelps using the holy pally running RF.

Josh said...

The holy paladin wasn't actually running RF. I'm not sure what changed from last time, we just sorta did it. And I was simply better at picking up the whelps before they ate someone, I guess.