Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts On Going Berserk

My current weapon is Death's Bite. It is a two-handed axe with a 554-831 damage range and a 3.4 speed, translating to a 203.7 DPS rating. It is acquired from Kel'Thuzad in normal Naxxramas. Short of 25-man raid drops, it is the best weapon that is readily available to me.

When I first acquired this axe, I did not have much in the way of enchanting materials, and it was fairly early in WotLK life, so Abyss Crystals were expensive and hard to come by. Thinking that I'd be fiscally responsible and that I'd be able to upgrade to a 25-man drop in the near future, I sprung for a Greater Savagery enchant on my weapon rather than Massacre or Berserking. Months later, however, I am still using Death's Bite with a Greater Savagery enchant.

There are only two weapons currently on the live servers with which I'd consider replacing Death's Bite - The Jawbone and Betrayer of Humanity. The former is slightly better than Death's Bite due to its higher damage range, and the latter is head-and-shoulders better than every two-hander in the game. Both drop in heroic Naxxramas.

To date, I have killed Maexxna and Kel'Thuzad on heroic once each. I am unsure how many times I will kill them in the future, making my access to these weapons questionable.

The weapon equation must also account for the imminent arrival of patch 3.1 in the next month or two. This patch will bring the Ulduar raid instance, and with it, additional weapons to consider. The weapons of normal Ulduar promise to be even higher quality than those of heroic Naxxramas (Ulduar normal items = ilvl 219/232, Naxxramas heroic items = ilvl 213/226). MMO Champion brings tidings of weapons such as Ironsoul and Stormedge, which are both clear upgrades to either Death's Bite or The Jawbone, and which are slightly below Betrayer of Humanity.

This whole conversation distills down to one question. Given my level of access to heroic Naxxramas and the uncertain release date of Ulduar, should I enchant my Death's Bite with Berserking? I have gone out of my way to make sure my gear is in tip-top shape on all accounts (within the realm of possibility given my raid schedule) with the exception of my weapon enchant. Money isn't a huge concern - I still haven't fully finished questing in Sholazar Basin or Zul'Drak, and I'm a miner so I can farm up some ore to sell. The question is entirely about whether the enchant is worth it for the perceived amount of time I'd be using the weapon.

I've embedded a poll in the sidebar - register your opinion.


Anonymous said...

On my server, abyss crystals sell for about 100g a piece, making the price for just these mats 1000g. The other mats are negligible and are much more affordable. In comparison, massacre requires only 6 abyss crystals but much more in the way of the other mats. While not reaching the price of berserker, I would say that massacre is comparable in price. I see massacre as much more of a pvp enchant, justifying its equal pricing on mats.

I would say that given your "questionable" access to either of the better weapons, the unclear patch release date, and that "money isn't a huge concern," go ahead and enchant berserker. I'll think you'll appreciate the 400ap :)

P.S. Make a few trips around Sholozar on your new drake. In 30min I can mine about 60 Saronite Ore and 10 Titanium Ore, not to mention the slew of earth and shadow. This is more profitable at off-peak times. I went on at around 1am on a Tuesday and an hour of work left me with 220+ Saronite Ore and about 20 Titanium Ore.

Gaizen said...

Yep, what the above poster said. There is no telling when 3.1 will come out. Could be the end of this month, who knows. Better to prepare for the now. You wont regret it once you get it.

Coristad said...

Plus, Beserker makes you turn all red and stuff, so everyone can tell you're very angry.

Rohan said...

If you get Berserking, you will get a new weapon within the week.

If you don't get Berserking, you won't get a new weapon until deep into Uldar.

Saithir said...

That's a trick question... Isn't Berserking only for one-handed weapons? That leaves only Massacre to consider...

Still, I would probably leave it with Greater Savagery on.