Monday, February 23, 2009

Screenie Meme

Siha tagged me, and I'd be rude not to participate.

Problem is I don't have multiple screenshot folders. It's all dumped in one folder.

So, here's the sixth screenshot in the folder:

My paladin, in Burning Crusade, in his Karazhan tanking gear, posing outside of Shattrath. I was trying to get a good shot of him raising his shield so I could use it as a forum avatar.

Here's the sixth screenshot of the ones I never labeled:

That's me doing a nostalgia raid at 70 in AQ40 after achievements went live. I'm pounding away at Viscidus. Fun note - the only frost damage we had in the raid was one mage and a shaman (FROST SHAWK!).

And one for fun:

My guild's first Illidan kill. I was literally one of the last two standing. You may remember such screenshots from previous blog posts.

I ain't taggin' no one, 'cuz I think these meme things are like chain letters. Yes, I'm that guy, I'm not passing this chain letter on.

... but Suicidal Zebra, Klepsacovic, Honorshammer, Rohan, Pike, and Runycat can post some if they like.


Jordrah said...


i aint taggin no one...

but... you all can post if you want

i love you, my pally bloggers

Pike said...

Mine is already posted! =P

Josh said...

Whoops, sorry Pike. I couldn't remember if you had done it!

Anonymous said...

lol you crack me up :) Great to see you still standing at the end of the raid as well!

I never got a chance to venture into AQ40 as I had retired from MC/ONY...but fighting a giganitc slime looks...interesting.