Monday, February 2, 2009

The New Hotness

I feel bad pre-empting Stoney on this, but I'm excited about it. In concert with Stoneybaby of Windfury Crits and Zaltu of One Rogue's Journey, I'm helping to launch a new website. Big Hit Box is a site that is dedicated to melee DPS discussion across all classes. I'll be cross-posting most if not all of my posts, especially the "how-to" posts, over to Big Hit Box. The thought is that putting all the melee classes in one place might encourage collaboration amongst the classes, and might even lead to a few new ideas.

Mosey on over and take a look. The site is fresh and content is still being developed, but since it's a Wordpress template and Stoney's handling the back-end, it looks a lot better than this ol' blog.

I just threw my latest rant about WI's ret guide onto BHB (which I'm going to call Big Hit Box from now on, I like giving things acronyms). More content will be coming soon!

1 comment:

thedoctor said...

Seems like a cool concept. I like your site so I will be sure to check it out.

That is all =P