Friday, February 6, 2009


Blessing of Kings... trainable?

Up is down, black is white, and I'm just downright confused.

Blessing of Kings started as a 1-point tier 7 retribution talent. Then it got moved to tier 3 of protection as a 1-point talent. Then it was changed to a 5-point tier 1 protection talent. Now it's being baselined?

Couple that with Replenishment being given to demonology warlocks and deep frost mages, and it gives me the feeling that the dev team is just shuffling the cards. I went over my feelings about Replenishment being spread around yesterday. A sudden and swift baselining of an ability that paladins have been clamoring for to be baselined for the better part of 3 years is... well, incomprehensible.

I don't even know what to say right now.

I do love Exorcism being usable on all enemies though, even though Exorcising a living, breathing, healthy Orc doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Pretty useful though! I think I might grab myself a Glyph of Exorcism so that I have 2 interrupts at all times (Hammer of Justice and Exorcism).

A word of warning - don't get too attached to anything you read in the patch notes preview. They're a preview - this stuff hasn't even hit the PTR yet. Until it's live in the game, it hasn't happened and isn't definite. And even then, it could get patched out or hotfixed to oblivion. I hope you had a salt shaker handy while you were reading, because that preview needed to be taken with several grains of that sodium-based substance.


Tom said...

I'd like to point out no one said full 10% BOK will be a baseline. As the current point spread goes, BOK give 2%... you have to spend points in Improved BOK to get 10%

I can only pray they give us 5 talent points back, but more likely you'll need to spend something to get the full 10%... 5 extra talent points just seems to imbalanced.

Gaizen said...

Well, to help swallow the exorcism being used on all targets pill better. You can think of it as you are just getting rid of the evil spirit which resides in all mortal nature.


Dallanna said...

Of course it makes perfect sense to use Exorcism on a healthy, breathing orc.

He's a Martian! And Martians be fulla Devils!

And he has to be healed! Healed, I say, through the powa of JESUS!!

Pike said...

It kinda weirds me out too and my pally is still a wee baby. I was all proud of going into WSG or Deadmines and strutting around all "Hey guys, I've got Kings. That's right." And suddenly being everyone's favorite person.

Anonymous said...

Yeah baselining kings is quite suspicious to me...I'm thinking this will be paired with some sort of a major nerf. Perhaps the divine favor healing penalty (and yes, I know those notes posted with the DF 50% penalty were fake). I mean, now that pve holy pallies don't have to spend the 5 pts in prot, they can move their points into the ret tree to get an extra 3% crit...that will go against all this "mana regen is too high" mentality that blizz has been saying lately.

Anonymous said...

I meant divine plea in the above post, not divine favor.

Suicidal Zebra said...


The Divine Plea nerf (-50% healing when active) is real. You can check Bluetracker (or my blog) for a source. It is, however, still in the planning stage and subject to change.

I'd hope that even now most Holy Paladin's don't feel the need to take Kings, and can instead dump all their excess points in +crit talents. Taking Kings is, after all, Ret's job.