Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lightbringer > Judgement

I have a confession to make.

The Lightbringer armor set is my favorite.

I know everyone loves the Judgement (tier 2) set and thought that it was the best, but I love that tier 6 goodness.


1. Lightbringer looks like armor.
Judgement set looked like cloth. The inquisitor look was forboding/intimidating, but it didn't look like it offered much protection. Lightbringer, on the other hand, looks like it's made of plate/metal. Sure it's a little gawdy/ornamented, but at least an arrow won't pierce it without a ton of force.
2. Lightbringer shines.
The paladin is a "warrior of the Light," and everything they do is s'posed to represent truth, justice, and the American Azerothian way. Judgement armor makes a paladin look like he's been hanging out at an S&M convention or inflicting some sort of torture on sinners. Lightbringer is shimmering golden platemail that literally radiates light.
3. Tirion Fordring wears Lightbringer.
If it's good enough for the mightiest paladin currently alive in Azeroth, it's good enough for me.
4. Lightbringer is named after the greatest and first paladin.
Uther was a man. Uther was a paladin. Uther was awesome. There's a reason that there's a monument and memorial near the now-ruined city of Lordaeron commemorating his life and sacrifice.
5. Lightbringer's color scheme matches that of the paladin charger.
Black and red with blue and gold is not as cool as blue and gold with gold and blue.

Plus, while Lightbringer's halo-helm looked stupid, I can hide my helmet. I can't hide Judgement's skirt/kilt thing.

I kept my full season 3 Vengeful set together and wear that and my Sulfuras for vanity screenshots. I'm considering toting that stuff around with me whereever I go instead of my tank gear, just for kicks.

Because I think the pic looks good, here's my current avatar on a bunch of forums that proves Lightbringer looks better than Judgement. That's alls I'm sayin, yo.


Darraxus said...

Personally,I think if they had put the Judgement helm with the Lightbringer armor/color scheme, it would have been the best set in the game period.

Josh said...

I don't need an S&M hood mucking up my finely crafted Lightbringer armor, thankyouverymuch

Megan said...

For female toons:

1) T2 Fudgement
3) T3/7 Voltron
4) T1 Lawlbringer
5) T4 Lusticar
6) T6 Crystalwhorged

Rohan said...

Judgement > Lightbringer > All > Redemption

Anonymous said...

I still say Judgement > Lawbringer.
Paladins have been subjected to all kind of ridicule lately: One of our greatest died at the hand of his beloved student (Uther), the other betrayed by his own son (Mograine), one became evil incarnate (Arthas)...
I say it's time Blizzard stops stomping on Paladins. No more "Light be with you" speeches. No more pity for the ungratefuls. It is time to put on the mask of Judgement and deliver Holy Wrath onto the very doorstep of Evil!
Judgement is at hand!!

Aenur of Hydraxis

lethal said...

Lightbringer matches Alliance CHarger, but Judgement also matches Blood Charger of the Blood Knights

Josh said...

You thought Bananas looked better than Justicar? Weirdo.

I disagree, for all the reasons I stated above! I'll give you the "Redemption = last" assertion though. Bleh.

Just because you want to lash out with holy vengeance doesn't mean you need to go all Spanish Inquisition on people. Lightbringer rocks the hizouse.

Blood Elves aren't real people. Blood Knight Chargers don't count.
(Just kidding!)

Ravhinn said...

Lightbringer will always be my favorite armor set. It blows anything else away.

Megan said...

Of course T1 > T4.


Anonymous said...

I would put Judgement and Lightbringer on par - I have to say I'm leaning more towards Lightbringer though, because Tirion Fordring wears it, and, seriously, let's face it... anything associated with Tirion is automatically epic pwnage.

Torquemada said...

Of course you have to go all Spanish Inquisition. My pally is named Torquemada, after all. Besides, no one is expecting it!

BigFire said...

As a dedicator collector, I have full Lawbringer, Judgement, Lightbringer and Valorious Redemption. Personally, I think it's a tie btetween T2 and T6. Yes, Lightbringer fits the image of Paladin better than Judgement, but Judgement just looks so good.

Dorgol said...

T2 = T6 > Everything Else.

Amusingly enough, I got 3 pieces of Lawlbringer yesterday on my Draenei Paladin. Inlcuding the shoulders.

Those bananas are REALLY big on my guy.