Thursday, February 12, 2009

We're Takin' Yer Jerbs

BRK has been going back and forth about the reasoning of bringing a BM vs SV hunter to raids, considering raid buffs brought to the table and personal DPS.

I say throw the buffs out the window.


Well, according to the post, BRK is operating under the assumption that there is a ret paladin in the raid providing Judgement of Wisdom and Replenishment, therefore the SV hunter's access to Replenishment is a moot point. He then starts musing about personal DPS differences and how Ferocious Inspiration can make up any ground lost to a SV hunter.

What he forgot to consider is that same ret paladin is covering his Ferocious Inspiration buff as well.

To paraphrase the immortal kitty in question, Sanctified Retribution, fo' shizzle. It occupies the same raid buff typography as Ferocious Inspiration. Don't believe me? Check the blue notes from 3.0.2 via MMO Champ.

So, raid leaders, if you're deciding between BM or SV hunter for that DPS spot, yes definitely think about who's the better player or who's got the hotter sister. But if you're going to put that hunter into a ret paladin-using raid, don't bother mentioning their raid buffs. We got ya covered.

MM hunters, on the other hand... they can go duke it out with the enhancement shaman for who gets to bring the +AP% buff...


Mr. V said...

Enhancement Shammy would win!

Rammurg said...

I wish they added the +10% AP to a 4th spec/class. Too often (3 times already) I've joined a Heroic Naxx pug on Thaddius, failing to meet the Enrage timer with most of the DPS being melee, and no one bringing the +10% AP. In one of those raids we did get a replacement who brought the buff, and Thaddius was cake with that.

MM seems to be the most rare Hunter Spec.
Enhancement seems to be the most rare Shaman spec.
I actually see more Blood than Frost DKs, but Unholy has a huge domination.

Darraxus said...

As long as you and BRK dont start doing what they did in South Park to get rid of the future people.