Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Winds of Change are Gusting

PTR is up, changes all ready viewable. MMO Champ tells all.

What I'm interested in is how my talent spec is going to change. The tried-and-true 0/10/61 is going to be altered greatly, as Kings is going true baseline (no talents, full version trainable at level 20) and some talents in the retribution tree are having their investment reduced (Fanaticism, Righteous Vengeance down to 3 point talents).

Here's a list of talent points that are being liberated for me:
Righteous Vengeance (reduced from 5 to 3 points) - 2
Fanaticism (reduced from 5 to 3 points) - 2
Improved Retribution Aura (merged with Sanctified Retribution) - 2
Blessing of Kings (talent replaced with "Divinity") - 5
Grand total = 11 points to play with

My first impulse is to lump those into the protection tree and make a mad dash for Divine Guardian for the raid-wide Shield Wall effect, which is so very useful in some encounters. If I remove the point from Seal of Command, then I'm looking at a build of 0/17/54 (EDIT: like this) without losing any personal or raid damage. The only problem that could arise is on a Loatheb or Sapphiron fight where kickback damage becomes a real problem - removing the point from Seal of Command would eliminate the option to accept marginally lower damage for more safety.

The other option is to start investing in PvP/utility stuff that has limited application in PvE, such as Divine Purpose, Vindication, Toughness, and Eye for an Eye. I like the idea of bringing Divine Guardian better.

Here's hoping we see some more news on this soon.


Anonymous said...

According to WoW Insider, those talents have had their effects reduced in line with the rank reduction, which makes these nerfs. : /


Josh said...

Yea, the RV DoT and the Fanaticism Judgement crit buff got slashed. I'm not going to cry about damage rebalancing, enough people whine and complain about that.

Those reductions have no effect on my talent allocation. What might have an effect is the limitation on Divine Guardian that only 300% of the paladin's HP can be absorbed by DG. Which means, in a best-case-scenario, I'm looking at about 75,000 raid damage absorbed by DG when I bubble (assuming I have 25k HP when raid buffed, a reasonable assumption). Currently DG is unlimited, it's just a flat, raid-wide 30% damage reduction.

Is DG still worth the investment for a ret paladin with that stipulation? I'm going to say yes, since I can't find any other reachable damage buffs elsewhere. I'll grab Divine Strength, Divinity, Guardian's Favor, and either 3 points of Toughness or Improved Righteous Fury, and then 2 in Divine Guardian.

Yea, that sounds good.

Suicidal Zebra said...

Tier 10 should be getting a new 2pt talent at the very least. And of course there's still no 11pt Prot talent.

More to come I think.

(P.S. seen the new Pally Tier 8?)

Honors Code said...

They nerfed Divine Guardian pretty good. It will now only absorb up to a maximum of 300% of the Paladin's health. For a Prot Paladin you are looking at 90k to 120k damage absorbed. I have no idea what a Ret Paladin's health levels are like in a Raid enviroment.

Anonymous said...

Mine is just over 20k, Honors.