Friday, January 23, 2009

Mutterings and Mumblings 1-23-09

Some random thoughts as I head toward the weekend...

I don't understand how Alltop arranges the blogs on its "virtual magazine rack." I'm sandwiched between Megs and BRK, and right next to Tobold. There's no way E4AE belongs in such company, it's a much smaller readership with a much narrower focus.

I have a ton of quests unfinished on Cathmor. Half of the Storm Peaks, a good deal of Icecrown, a handful of Zul'Drak, and all of Sholazar Basin. I'm a completist, so I want (no, need) to do them, but my freshly minted death knight is calling out for attention. I got him through the death knight starter area the other night and now I want to mess around with him. Death knight is fun once you figure out how all the skills fit together.

Is it sad that the first alt I'm truly jazzed about playing is the one that plays very similarly to my main character? Am I just a two-hander junky? I need to branch out more.

Orcs with glowy eyes look cool.

Siha's right - having the Lich King as involved as he is in the death knight starting area cheapens the experience a bit. I loved what they did with the DK starting experience, but having Arthas so hands-on at every stage seems odd. In BC, there wasn't enough Illidan, but in WotLK, there's almost too much Lich King.

I hate the look of Redemption shoulders. I did in vanilla WoW, I still do in WotLK. I want new shoulder graphics, pronto. I might start carrying around my Lightbringer shoulders and wearing them out of spite.

A lot of bloggers out in the WoW-niverse host or have appeared on podcasts of various sorts. It recently occured to me that I've never listened to many/any of them. I feel like I should give some a listen - especially BRK's, I love listening to him on his hunter guide movies. I don't even play a hunter, it's just fun to listen to him get all hyped up about stuff.

Should I migrate my blog to another platform? Wordpress, perhaps? Or give it a makeover? E4AE has never been especially easy on the eyes. I've been messing with the sidebar recently (which you RSS feed readers can't see, nyah nyah).

Blog Azeroth seems to be a lot slower than when I was last active on the forum. Why is that?

I want to do more 25-mans, but don't want to commit to an X-day-a-week "mandatory" schedule or spend precious hours wiping with a$$hat FPUGs. I also don't want to transfer or leave my guild (which I cannot do 25's with, since my classes will clash with their raid nights this semester). I'm in a predicament.

I must do more arena. The Deadly Gladiator libram will be mine.

Finding time to do the Glory of the Hero achievements is becoming a problem. I have a handful left, and I want that darn proto-drake, but I can't be arsed to schedule a run ahead of time. Nowadays, I don't know when I'll have time to play. This is also factoring in to the previously mentioned 25-man predicament. And I'll be damned if I PUG some of those achievements. I'm not that crazy.

Speaking of PUGs, I was in a pick-up 10-man Obsidian Sanctum group last reset and ended up as top damage. Yea, I know, top damage in a PUG, big deal. The funny part was that I did close to 30% of the total raid damage. /facepalm

Okay, that's it for now. TGIF!


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

If you want to check out a podcast, feel free to try mine, "The Grind Podcast", also available on iTunes.

I'm a frequent reader of your blog and have referenced to a few tidbits you've blogged about in the past.


Anonymous said...

Give your self a bit more credit :) I'm not a real fan of blogs, let along warcraft related ones, but I still check to see if there's a new post on yours everytime i open up my browser, it that interesting :)