Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Party's Over, Daddy Blizzard Came Home

Zarhym dropped some highly anticipated but generally deflating news on the forums (thanks Ferraro of for reporting it) - paladins have been experiencing a bug related to the removal of the Precision talent, and Blizzard will (or has) hotfix(ed) it.

Last call guys, time to enjoy (or mourn the loss of) your free 3% hit while it lasts (or lasted? Has this been hotfixed all ready?).

It remains that strength is still our best stat, even better than hit, expertise, or crit, and even if you are not hit/expertise capped. So keep on stacking the strength. However, this hotfix will (or all ready has) probably put a dent in mana returns from Judgements of the Wise. You only get mana back if you hit your target with Judgement. So, if you found yourself going out of mana and blowing your load early in encounters before... it's time to haul out some of the hit gear. That's just way it is, guys and gals.

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