Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Mailbag: Targeting and Rotations

Kevin writes:

Ok. I’m a later 40s something guy been playing about 9 months but mostly soloing. I have a problem. My hand to eye can’t compete with the younger crowd.

I’m playing (Azulmoon on Doomhammer) ret pali and have some pretty decent built gear. My hit is a bit low but for the instances I’m doing it’s not an issue yet. I’m still under 1000DPS. I need help. My son (playing since the original release) played him never playing a pali before and against the dummy burned 1300DPS so it’s capable…

Two problems –

1) Targeting. When we burn someone down it’s quick enough I’m having trouble swapping to the new attack fast enough losing valuable time. I used to click target but T is working a bit better it’s just slow. I’m always hitting a target in the melee different than the tank. I just seem to not be able to get to it quick enough in a melee, I guess I get to excited watching timers, watching the actual battle, etc. All of the sudden I realize I’m not hitting anyone. REALLY frustruating (and embarrassing).

2) I tend to get excited and just start hitting keys… Timers throw me, especially global timer which causes me to miss my judgments then it seems like hitting consecrations and other spells with cool downs causes me to miss things.

Can you point me to a reference for a macro or several to help me out? I’m not stupid (at least I hope I’m not), just slow.
Targeting - make an assist macro for one of the other DPS or the tank, slam that button every time you need a new target. It'll save you the time of needing to have the reflexes to click or tab to the correct one. It's a simple macro to make, just open up the macro interface, create a new macro, and for the only line in the macro type the following:

/assist [name]

Replace [name] with your groupmate of choice.

If you're having trouble with keeping your rotation going with Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Judgement, Consecration, *and* any undead-related ability in there, start small and work your way up. Just use Judgement > Crusader Strike > Divine Storm and get your targeting down. Once you're comfortable, work Consecration in. Then work the undead-specific stuff in.

As for any other issues, I hit a lot of major topics in my FAQ - if you need any other questions answered above and beyond the above and the FAQ, hit me again!

Good luck, and Light be with you.


Anonymous said...

I have the following macro bound under the backspace key:

/focus [modifier:alt]
/assist [target=focus,exists]; [target=pet,exists]; [target]

ALT+BACKSPACE will set your focus to your current target

BACKSPACE will target whatever your current target is targetting.

Have fun.

Alarius said...

#showtooltip Crusader Strike
/cast Crusader Strike

I use the above for starting auto attack whenever I'm spamming either CS/DS/Judgement since it also auto targets the next best/closest mob. That should help alleviate any downtime in attacking but also give you enough time to tab-target to your tank's target.

TAB is key! Pun intended. :)