Friday, July 11, 2008

I has CC

Browsing the WotLK info page, I noticed a juicy tidbit that will definitely, absolutely, and most certainly help Retribution Paladins in finding groups in Northrend. From the Paladin page, under "Changes" -

Cooldown on Turn Undead and Turn Evil removed.
Freaking sweet. Now Ret Paladins will have a renewable fear effect instead of one with a slight gap before it can be refreshed, giving the dangerous CC'ed mob a window to eat someone before getting re-feared.

What was one major hurdle to Ret Paladins getting into 5-mans, after general prejudice? Lack of crowd control ability.

What's Turn Evil? A crowd control ability that just became viable for general use on demons/undead mobs.

What is there a lot of in Northrend? Undead things to use Turn Evil on.

Tremble, before the might of the Light. Retribution is at hand!

On an unrelated note, WoW Insider linked me yesterday in reference to my Azeroth armageddon post. Hai2U WoW Insider! Thanks for the linkage, it bumped my page views to a new one-day high.

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