Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The End of the World (of Warcraft)

Larisa posed a hypothetical question to the Blog Azeroth community that Matticus had used in a past interview:

Let’s hypothetically assume Blizzard goes out of business and decides to shut down their servers and WoW for good. You have 5 hours before the server shutdown is permanent. What would you do in 5 hours?

An interesting question, to be sure. Armageddon is striking Azeroth and Cathmor's only got 5 hours to live? Well, I'd probably start by logging into my character and engaging in panicked discussion with my guildmates, lamenting the imminent loss of our main source of after-work entertainment. After that went on for about 10-20 minutes, I'd strap on my PvP gear and muster as many people as I could for an all-out attack on a major Horde city. I'd probably go after Orgrimmar or Silvermoon City - Undercity and Thunderbluff confuse me. The combined might of the Alliance would be thrown at the front and back gates of Orgrimmar simulataneously as we attempted to sweep through the city and assassinate Thrall. I've never killed a faction leader, and I want to do so before I quit playing.

After an hour or two of city raiding, I'd probably indulge my RP side and make a pilgrimage to Uther's Tomb, paying homage to the first Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand. Letting the moment sink in, I would move on to the gates of Stratholme and cleanse the city of undeath one last time, taking as many other Paladins in there with me as I could. I'm thinking a 5-man all-Pally group: 3-4 level 70 Ret Paladins, 1 level 70 Holy Paladin, and 1 Prot Paladin depending on how many Ret's I take. We'd clear the city completely, purging the Scourge and the Scarlet Crusade from the once-proud city's streets.

Upon completing those tasks, I would most likely take down some contact information for the players I'd like to stay in touch with and log out, likely back in Stormwind in the Cathedral of Light. I wouldn't stick around for an end-of-the-world party, I'd just hearth, park, and log. And that's that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I must admit for all the enthuisiasm I have for imagining all the world dominating things I would do in the last 5 hours, I wonder whether it would end up like soooo many New Years Eve parties.

High expectations, followed by stumbling about in a massive crowd without any real direction screaming "org raid invite pls"

Larísa said...

Something we tend to forget about in the discussion is that it's just the servers closing down - not the vent and the blogs, which still are out of the control of Blizzard. So those panic discussions about where to move the community (Conan?) and and exchange of emailadresses I guess could go on for a while after the shutdown.

Zupa said...

Well... On the one hand, as if they would shut it off!

On the other hand... it can't go on forever can it? There will have to come a day when WoW isn't something we can play anymore.. .

But will it be one year or ten years from now?

Could it last even longer?

Could we really still be playing at level 500 or something in a decade from now?

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As long as Blizzard keeps making the games and handles the finances right, I don't see why the business would go under for good. So many have invested a lot of time in the game and there would be an outcry if more servers shut down.

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