Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Add-on Spotlight: Pally Power

WoW Insider recently did a review of the Pally Power add-on, which I'd say is nigh-indispensable for large-scale raiding. Since Pally Power is a pretty simplistic add-on, WI hit upon most every major point regarding its configuration and use. I highly recommend clicking through the link and skimming it - you might learn something new about our "beloved" (*read: reviled) essential add-on. For example!

I did not know the keybind combination to assign an entire line of paladin blessings to one person - I had been assigning all blessings one by one to all 3-4 paladins in my guild's raids. Mass-blessing assignments can be made through shift-clicking or shift-mouse wheeling. (To be fair, one of my paladin guildies told me how to do this last week, but we'll pretend I learned it from WI.)

I also did not know that it was possible to assign 10-minute blessings to other paladins other than yourself. This will save me some breath/text in our guild's paladin chat channel!

*Many people dislike Pally Power because it is clunky and gets buggy if the paladin tries to cast blessings through the add-on interface while in combat. It could be coded a lot better, but there are no better alternatives out there - sadly Pally Power is the best option.


Cal said...

ZOMGBuffs is a viable alternative to PallyPower. It is especialy valuable if you run multiple classes that buff. It also happens to "talk" to PallyPower.

Personally I like it much more and have not looked back after the switch.

Josh said...

Hmmm... perhaps I shall try this add-on out then. I had heard of some of our priests and mages using it but I didn't know that it had pally blessing functionality.

Have any screenies of the interface handy?

Rohan said...

Many people dislike Pally Power because it is clunky and gets buggy if the paladin tries to cast blessings through the add-on interface while in combat.

This is complicated. Blizzard doesn't allow mods to make targetting decisions in combat. So Pally Power tries to use the last paladin it cast a blessing on. Sometimes that paladin is in range, and things work, but sometimes not, and the Blessing fails.

If you use the left-hand pop up where it shows individuals, and cast blessings on each individuals in combat, Pally Power will work properly.

argent said...

ZOMGBuffs seems to have similar functionality to PallyPower for Paladin blessings, with a couple extra twists:

It's aware that not all hybrids want the same blessings and will try to figure out which spec each player is. (E.g. ret pallies will want Salvation, prot ones won't.) You can also set up your preferred blessing template outside of a raid and then automatically generate the assignments once you're in the raid. (e.g. first blessing on a mage is Salvation, then Wisdom, then Kings - including per-spec for hybrids!)

I used PallyPower for a long time, but I really like ZOMGBuffs, and I've switched to it for all my toons. (it also works for mages and other buffing classes)

Dave said...

ZOMGBuffs is amazing.

I started a pally awhile back, and tried Pally Power. I could not get it too work well at all. Now to be honest, I am not a MOD noob, it just seemed like there was something I was missing.

But then I found ZOMGBuffs. And wow was that a happy day. Then to my amazement, I logged onto my Shaman and there it was. I hit the Tank with an ES and it popped up a button I could click and it would automagically ES the tank again and again.

I do have a few slight issues with ZOMGBuffs, but they are personnal choices that I have just not figured out how to turn off yet. Once those are set, this will be the best Buff Mod out there.

Works great for my Druid too. 8)