Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Pally, a Pole, and a Can o' Worms

When I first rolled my Paladin, I didn't quite understand the concept of secondary professions. I thought that First Aid, Fishing, and Cooking all counted toward the two-profession limit, just like Mining or Alchemy. So, I avoided them. Cathmor, as originally conceived, was a Miner/Blacksmith and that was that.

When I started getting into the upper 40's, however, and joined a guild with the intention to raid when I got to 60, I was informed of my mistake. The guild required all members to have maxed First Aid so that they could bandage themselves and save their own lives in Molten Core. Obedient holy man that I was, I went and bought cloth to grind my bandage ability up, despite possessing the ability to heal myself through holy magics. Fishing and Cooking, however, I didn't do anything about. I had no desire to stand around with my line in the water, waiting for fish I wouldn't want to eat, and I didn't know about the benefits of Well Fed buffs either. I was a noob, so sue me.

Today, I fully understand the benefits of the Well Fed buff, and am constantly scrounging for [Roasted Clefthoof] to munch on during raids. I can't cook it, so I always need to bug a guildie to be my personal chef. Last week, I decided to be more self-sufficient. I grabbed a fishing pole and resolved to grind my Fishing and Cooking up to 375, by hook or by c(r)ook!
(Get it? Hook & cook? Ah, nevermind. My puns are terrible...)

I'm working loosely from the Wowwiki page on powerleveling fishing and cooking. This personal quest has taken the place of leveling an alt, since I reaffirmed to myself my inability to stay focused on an alt. I just hate the concept of having to grind out another 70 levels and then grind reputation and gear all over again. My brain has no problem accepting silly side-quests for my Paladin though, as this Fishing/Cooking extravaganza will be. Over the weekend I was able to get both into the mid-200's - this week I'll be venturing with my [Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole] and a bunch of [Sharpened Fish Hook] or [Aquadynamic Fish Attractor] to the ends of Azeroth, seeking exotic new sushi and learning new ways to grill or saute my catch.

Hopefully, I'll stick with this mission and end up with the ability to participate in another random part of the World of Warcraft to which I previously had no access. Maybe I'll enter that fishing competition down in Booty Bay one o' these days! Or perhaps find the ring of legend... preeeecious...

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