Thursday, June 12, 2008

LOL RP Continued

So, I'm cruisin' forums and blogs, as per usual, and on a whim I check out some other server's official forums. I end up on Scarlet Crusade (home to Phaelia and Valenna), a RP server. In one of the stickies, I see a make-shift character sheet form for the server's active role-players. I'm intrigued, so I start thinking to myself, "Hmm, how would Cathmor's sheet look?" Well, here's what happened when I started musing about that:

Full name: Cathmor of Northshire
Nick-name: Cath
Prefix*: Knight
Title**: The Betrayed
Race: Human
Age***: 37
Position in society†: Protector of the people
Face/Heel†*: Chest (liked by most, sometimes rubs a few the wrong way)
Physical Description (abridged): Red, shoulder-length hair. Goatee. Broad shoulders.

Personality: Zealous, outgoing, and skeptical/mistrustful of those he does not know personally
Marital Status: Single, never married
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Blood line: Son of a farmer

Role-playing weight class: Lightweight
Role-playing status†**: Usually out of character

Guild: Something Wicked
City of choice: Wherever the frontline of the current war effort is.
IC-Strengths: Zealous, relentless in the pursuit of justice, natural leader
IC-Weaknesses: Over-zealous at times
OOC-Strengths: Tactical planner
OOC-Weaknesses: Frequently overwhelmed by complex situations/encounters
Leveling speed: Slow
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Occasional
Weekly on-line schedule: Evenings, ~4 nights a week

See my previous post, LOL RP

*: Lord / Lady / Mister / Misses / Miss / etc.
**: Your heroic name, ex: John Doe "The Flaming Sun."
***: Link to age thread, (Draenei is not in this, Blood Elf ages are listed as High Elf.)
†: You can be free with this, either your political position, economical position, or status in the city. Ex: Vanished from the city, wealthy collector, etc.
†*: How others like you. Face being the crowd favorite and heel being the guy/gal everyone hates.
†**: Are you usually in-character? A story-teller? Majority rules, put what your usual situation is.


Larísa said...

I like your concept of "closet RP"!

Maybe there's a little RP within me too. I'd better find out... In secrecy. It isn't really anything you go around talking aloud about being in a raiding guild on a normal PvE realm.

That form you had found seems as a great tool to start exploring the true character of Larísa. Who is she - really?

Josh said...

Another good jumping off point is another blog I just found,

Her first few posts are all about character creation/formation. It's catered to a full-blown RP'er, but I'd treat it like a buffet - pick and choose the tools you like and form yourself a background!