Monday, June 30, 2008

No More Teachers, No More Books

... no more respeccing for PvP, rooks!

Okay, I stretched that saying, but I hope you'll forgive me in time.

Welcome to summer, people! July is fast approaching, school's out for the summer (not that that affects me at all, I'm a working stiff), and the Blizzard WWI was this weekend, kicking off a host of speculation that will most likely keep knocking around the community for months to come. What I am most excited about from the news from the event? Well, I'll tell you!

MMO Champion reports that there are plans to give players a second talent spec that they can switch between! This is big, big, BIG news for players like me. I respec at least twice a week to bounce between a PvP-oriented spec to arena more effectively, and a PvE oriented spec to squeeze every last drop of DPS out in raids. I even respec to tank occasionally. The gold cost is not even the issue - 100g to spec back and forth is hardly a drop in the bucket nowadays. I can make that by flying around Nagrand for a little bit with my Mining Pick and Zapthrottle, sucking up Motes of Air and bagging Adamantite Ore for sale on the Auction House.

No, where this change would really hit home is the convenience factor. No longer would I have to pop over to Ironforge or Stormwind and spend a few minutes swapping out talents. No longer would I have to consider whether its worth the time/money spent to do some serious arena games when I've got a raid coming up soon - do I really want to spec PvP right now, only to respec two hours later? If this change does go through, that means I can PvP in a PvP spec whenever I want, and throw down and raid without having to go to the trainer and get bonked on the head first.

Screw Death Knight news, don't care about the inconsequential story that Ret Paladins will use the same armor as DK's and Warriors (we all ready do, silly Blizzard...), no no no. I want more info on alternate talent specs. Why are you not as excited as I am? Get pumped people, this is HUGE.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


Megan said...

I've got 3-4 characters that I respec back and forth for PVE and PVP.

This makes me very happy indeed, as well as for my Twinks and experimental builds (let's see what a few points in X will do)---all in all I think this will make future "cookie cutter" talent builds that more focused and tighter when being theorycrafted.

Suicidal Zebra said...

The question is, with a PvE Ret Spec do I have a PvP Ret spec or PvE Prot spec as my alternate? Decisions decisions.

Josh said...

Chronic respecc'ers unite! I definitely kow what you mean on the experimental builds, I must have respecced my paladin 5 times in one day messing with talents back pre-BC to see what effect different talent combos had. I don't think that this change will alter the "cookie cutter" talent builds though, as they tend to be fairly focused all ready! I don't know any ShS rogue, for example, who would waltz into a raid specced like that, or conversely any Combat Swords rogue who would consider doing arena games in his raiding spec. Might be different for specific roles, but most every class/spec I can think of has efficient PvE and PvP specs that they switch between.

PvE Ret Spec / PvE Prot Spec for 70-80 leveling. I'll tank my pugs, I hate looking for tanks. I just need to buy myself a pocket healer.
PvE Ret Spec / PvP Ret Spec once I start raiding again and a good amount of my guild's tanks are ready and available for instancing.
This is assuming, of course, that Blizz isn't yanking our collective chain with this change.