Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Business As Usual

This topic is in response to the shared topic on BlogAzeroth, entitled "Preparing for Wrath of the Lich King."
Much like Larisa, I am not preparing for WotLK in most any way. Many others are feasting upon leaked alpha information, or are going into hyper-farm mode to build up stores of gold and crafting materials so that they can hit the frozen Northrend tundra running. As for me? I'm continuing to raid, play on as limited a schedule as I can force myself to play, and dabble in arena on the side. My play style has not changed one iota, and it will not change until probably a few weeks before the absolute, official, boxes-are-in-stores and we're-waiting-for-servers-to-go-live release date. Blizzard is notorious for delaying their releases, even after announcing a release date, and I'm a raider, not a farmer. Spending months prepping for a distant day is not my idea of a good time in Azeroth.

Nope, I'm just staying the course. There's an entire raid instance in front of me, with some of the most tightly tuned boss fights the dev team has ever imagined. M'uru calls to me, invading my mind and taunting me, calling me retn00b. Okay not really, but it sounded dramatic. Plus, Kil'jaeden's entrance into Azeroth looks massively epic, even better than Ragnaros's first appearance (which left me in speechless awe, by the way. Standing in a large volcanic chamber, lava flowing around me, and then all of a sudden a gigantic fire elemental, surrounded by swirling brimstone and wielding a face-smashingly huge orange glowy hammer, emerges from the central lava pit - awe-inspiring). I've got enemies to conquer!

I'll take the expansion by storm when it comes, but I don't need to be at the front of the leveling pack. I will take the content as it comes, and pretend I don't know that my epic armor will be outpaced by blues in a few months. Besides - blowing through content as quickly as possible means I miss all the little jokes and easter eggs Blizzard hides along the way. I want a full WoW experience.


Tom said...

Nice blog, as a fellow ret pally I'm hoping to see some articles about your experiences in Arena, especially 2v2.

Josh said...

Ask and ye shall receive, tom. I'm not an avid arena player, but I'll do a write-up on my arena experiences next week.