Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I promise I won't make this a habit...

... but I've gotta brag.

WWS - Anetheron 6/2/08

1937 DPS with me messing up when lining up my Avenging Wrath-Heroism cooldowns, and having non-full consumables (only Elixir of Major Strength, no Flask of Relentless Assault). Am I ready for Brutallus? Yea, I think so.

EDIT: And I don't think I had Battle Shout either! Pfff, Brutallus Shmutallus, bring on that punk.


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Nice work dude!
Just one question.

What were you doing different in that fight as you dont really come near 1900 dps in the other fights.

Rage Winterchill: 1321 DPS (time 99%)
Anetheron: 1936 DPS (time 101% How'd you do that! :P)
Kaz'Rogal: 1069 DPS (time 100%)
Azgalor: 774 DPS (time 71%)
Archi Try 1: 1424 DPS (time 93%)
Archi Try 2: 1238 DPS (time 87%)

I mean all the reports you're at over 1000 dps except for azgalor, so thats great and i cant wait till i get up to 1900 dps, but why the big differences...

Josh said...

Rage I screwed up my cooldowns - I used Divine Shield to get out of an Icebolt and then couldn't Avenging Wrath when Heroism got popped, since I had Forbearance

Kaz'rogal I was in capped Shadow Resist gear, so I was well below the hit cap and didn't have nearly as much AP/crit as usual - I value not getting marked over being able to pew pew harder, I took a grand total of 1 mark that fight because of my SR gear.

Azgalor my guild has the melee on the Doomguards, so I'm basically standing around with my thumb up my arse for a while, which lowers DPS considerably.

Archimonde I get air bursted and run like a ninny away from 'im at the first sign of fire, so my DPS is always low for that fight.

Also note that that WWS is incomplete, we killed Archimonde on the next try and then went to Sunwell to play with Kalecgos for an hour.

Anetheron is the only fight in Hyjal that I can truly showcase my damage, every other fight has potential interruptions.