Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Comic at right is from xkcd, a very funny webcomic I'm sure some of you are familiar with. Completely unrelated, but my apologies if my previous post seemed a bit incoherent. It was way too late for me to be awake, and I was mentally drained from a lovely evening with a demon-possessed blue dragon.

I'm a closet-RP'er. If I had known people on an RP server when I first started playing, I probably wouldn't have minded rolling there in the least. In fact, I might enjoy a bit of light RP now and again. Being on a regular PvE server though, and in a dedicated raid guild, there isn't much RP going on. As such, my opportunities to get this sort of thing out of my system are few and far between. What's this all mean? You, the reader, get to be subjected to several paragraphs of me droning on about the history of Azeroth and how Cathmor ties into it all. The reason I'm doing this now instead of before is because Valenna of Parry! Dodge! Spin! did a quick write-up of his character's backstory recently and reminded me that I wanted to do this. On with the show!

Cathmor the Betrayed began his adulthood as a soldier in the service of Stormwind Defense shortly after the Third War, serving under General Marcus Jonathan as a front-line defender for Stormwind's protective deployments. After the death of Uther Lightbringer and the disbanding of the Order of the Silver Hand, Stormwind was in dire need of sturdy, capable warriors to take up arms and serve. Cathmor showed a selfless disregard for his own well-being in protecting any township with which he was charged, which prompted interest from Duthorian Rall in the youth's abilities. Cathmor began training as a Paladin at Rall's behest, following the path of the Protector.

Several months after he began his training as a Paladin, and shortly after his promotion to Knight, Cathmor was sent on a mission from Stormwind to discover the fate of Marshal Reginald Windsor, the commander of Alliance forces in the Burning Steppes, who had gone missing. Leading a small team into the Burning Steppes, Knight Cathmor found Windsor imprisoned in the Blackrock Depths by the Dark Iron Dwarves. After assisting Windsor in escaping Blackrock Mountain, the Marshal told Cathmor of danger within Stormwind's walls - Lady Katrana Prestor was not who she seemed. Cathmor escorted Windsor to Stormwind Keep, where he revealed Lady Prestor as Onyxia, the broodmother of the Black Dragonflight and enemy of the crown.

Upon realizing the depth of evil's infiltration in Stormwind's leadership, Cathmor's faith in the Stormwind Defense was shattered. He resigned his commission and cast aside his shield, assuming the title "The Betrayed" to remind him always to be mindful of whom he serves. Despite no longer being a member of the Stormwind Defense, Cathmor still had a desire to battle the wicked and protect his homeland. He strayed from the path of the Protector and instead started down the path of the Avenger, taking a more active role in combatting evil. Mace in hand, Cathmor the Betrayed seeks out injustice with resolve and might, not for Stormwind or for the Order of the Silver Hand, but for the whole of Azeroth.


CynraAnar said...

Huzzah for closet roleplaying! You'd be surprised how many people there are that claim that they aren't roleplayers but have extensive histories for their characters in their head and even can imagine their voice in-game.

If you ever want to get a roleplaying fix without joining a roleplaying server, try looking for any of a number of forums-based roleplaying sites. You can sometimes find a gem or two in the official roleplaying forums, but they scare me sometimes. I'd recommend looking on your server to see if there are others who like writing/roleplaying and maybe are sad that they chose to roll on a PvP or PvE server but are unable to reroll due to commitments or other constraints. It's not the same as being on a roleplaying server, but it might help people get their fix!

Josh said...

Thanks for the tips, cyn!