Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WoW Headhunter

Currently, my profession (in the real-world, not in Azeroth) is mainly in recruiting. Recruiters are commonly referred to as headhunters. They "hunt" for qualified individuals to add to the headcount at companies in need. When I was leading a guild, I also did my own recruiting.

That said, I think you'll know why I'm interested in the new website, WoW Headhunter. I took a quick jaunt through their account setup and guild search functions - if it can reach critical mass with enough guild seekers and guilds setting up on the site and actively using it, I think it might be a very, very useful resource.

On the guild-seeker side, it gives you a survey to determine your gamer-type, akin to a personality profiler. It separates gamers into the following categories:

  • Deliberate/Reckless
  • Competitive/Sociable
  • Serious/Fun
  • Veteran/Learner
Once you have that completed, you can search for guilds by faction or server (or both!). The search function will display how closely the guild's general vibe matches up with your profile. The guild's "personality" is aggregated from all guild member profiles in the WoW Headhunter database. Having your entire guild set up accounts on the site, list as members of your guild, and fill out the personality profile will help potential recruits find the best fit for their personal needs.

If a guild leader wants to register and tell me how it is from the recruitment side, I'd love to hear how it works. I don't want to set up a fake guild nor do I want to represent my current guild on the site, so I can't really give an impression from that angle.

The site has potential. If you're seeking a guild or seeking recruits, give it a try and give the site feedback! This might bloom into a useful recruiting tool.


Lance said...

Quite interesting...

admin said...

I set it up for my guild. I've gotten 9 members to sign up on it so far, I'll likely be making a post about it on my blog tomorrow. I love this site, and the team is absolutely awesome when it comes to feedback and suggestions.

Brandon said...

Grrr stupid google account I haven't set up yet.

I'm admin ^^

Josh said...

I'll be looking for your post then, Brandon!