Monday, April 6, 2009

Sometimes You Eat the Bar...

... and sometimes you kill Kel'Thuzad in 2.5 hours with minimal wiping.

Well, it took me an hour to put the raid together, but still, 2.5 hours for a PUG to clear Naxx-25? I dare say that's a fine accomplishment.

Successful PUG'ing at it's finest. We had some messy kills, but we chain-pulled the instance and I had no issues with any boss.

Not going to be able to do another one this week because of personal commitments, but I think I've started something good for the server. Epics for PUGs - a new charity, by Cathmor.


Anonymous said...

Next time you do that, please write up a guide or fraps it or something ;)

Even though we clear trash while rolling on loot, it still takes us two nights to clear naxx :(

Doogiehowser said...

Nice work!

Let me know if you need help setting up your 501(c)(3) charity organization. :) You could name it Cathmor Cares.

Anonymous said...

I done told you to PUG it months ago! Congrats! :)

And dude, 2.5 hours is pro. You must have had a full raid of people who actually know the right DPS rotations and such. Very, very impressive, and better than any run I've been on.

Josh said...

Sometime this week I'll write a "Guide to leading a PUG Naxxramas" for ya.

Oh you...

Yea yea, you told me months ago. I didn't want to organize it months ago. Now I realize if I want to get it done, I need to lead it.
And yea, we had a bunch of alts from one of the other 3D killers on the server with me.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in how to get any group, pug or not, through in 2.5 hours! :)

Tom said...

Last night I clearly "ate the bar" as you put it....45 minute VoA that ended on a wipe.

Half an hour of sitting around waiting for the group to form (a few saved people figuring it out after they joined)....GOD CAN"T YOU REMEMBER YOU"RE SAVED TO VOA ON A TUESDAY!!

Anyway, went in with 3.5 healers, I offered to respec but was told it wasn't nessisary. Clearly the wipe said otherwise.

I just left in disgust. Who wipes on VoA these days - GRRR

Anonymous said...

I was on the this run. It wasn't minimal wiping, it was zero wiping. We 1 shotted every boss.

Thanks for leading Cathmor.