Sunday, April 12, 2009


A while back I had rolled an Orcish hunter alt. I decided to play him some this weekend. Now I'm thinking about pets and talents and such.

My ultimate plan is to be a survivalist hunter and to have a gorilla tank pet and a cat DPS pet. The gorilla I'm thinking of speccing like so, and the cat thusly. For my personal talent spec, I was thinking something like this (switching to something like this in 3.1). I don't know much about hunters and haven't really read up too carefully, but if the gorilla can keep the attention of stuff while I pew pew from a distance with my fun survival shots, and the cat can do fun fun DPS stuff while I put arrows in things, I think this'll be a good time.

Granted, this requires me a) finding time to play the character, and b) leveling him. We'll see if I actually manage to pull this off. I have wanted a high level hunter for a while...


Anonymous said...

BM Hunter is my "main". You'll have alot of fun with the class, although I must say I'm enjoying my Ret. Pally immensely and with only KT left to do tonite for my first full clear of Naxx 10 with him, he's the toon I am playing the most.

Anonymous said...

I have both Retribution Paladin and BM Hunter at level 80. I have to say that both classes are fun to play and tweak to get the most bang out of them.

Although I've never played a Survival Hunter, I know that BRK has given them the thumbs-up since 3.0.9, so you shouldn't worry about the fun factor =)

- Aenur of Hydraxis

Klinderas said...

If you ever need help with hunters, there are well over 41 blogs registered at WoWhealines to look at, including mine.

Come and check us out, pally! You might even become an addict-err, surprised! Yes, surprised. You might be surprised.

As far as your ferocity talent spec goes, it's perfect. Just remember: our pets are getting a new tier of talents. Check out the PTR wowhead calculator. The Tenacity spec is great for soloing too! But remember: all tenacity pets will have the ability to thunderstomp when 3.1 comes out, so don't limit yourself to a gorilla. Try turtles or crocolisks, you might be surprised.

As far as the Talent spec for 3.1 is concerned, is what I'd go for. I know that noxious stings is huge, but the haste granted from IAotH might be more beneficial to your DPS.

In any case, enjoy your hunter! We are the fun class, after all.

Josh said...

What percentage of a survival hunter's DPS comes from auto-shot? It was my impression that haste really only affects auto-shot.

Anonymous said...

About 20-30% of our DPS is from auto-shot, however we still have to fire a fair number of steady shots. Until those are at under 1.5 seconds, haste will effect both autoshot DPS and steady shot DPS. Either way, haste DPS per unit of item budget (or talent budget as the case may be) is worth way less than alternatives in general.

Quick question- now that all tank pets are getting thunderstomp, are you getting a gorilla simply for the spell interrupt? you plan on using him to solo massive packs of mobs well above your level, I would suggest a bear or croc. Bears swipe, and crocs have a 50% uptime damage shield.

Josh said...

@Klinderas and outdps
I had no idea that Thunderstomp was being distributed to all tank pets. I'll probably pick a different pet.

Paul said...

I've barely played my Hunter since 3.0 came out, but I did get him a White Gorilla pet called Ulushnar. I don't see a reason to change that even if all the Tenacity pets get Thunderstomp.

Levelling as a Hunter's pretty fast as I recall, but I've gotten the melee bug too badly these days to consider going back to ranged DPS.

Hmmm, my Captcha is "turad" which I'm taking to mean I'm too rad!

Hofflerand said...

oo, an alt. I'd like to get more into them. I've never considered rolling a hunter, though. Are you enjoying him?

Josh said...

So far, yes. I like archers, and hunters have some fun little tools and tricks. Plus, being a DPS with my own personal tank is great.

Klinderas said...


It's not just autoshot. Haste is also important to get your steady shot cast time to the 1.5 second GCD limit.

That and autoshot does do a decent amount of damage, especially since you don't need to "weave" shots anymore.