Monday, April 27, 2009

Still Alive

Travel Log, Week 2

The Ulduar campaign is still on hold. My participation in the Argent Tournament as a Champion of Stormwind and my other commitments have monopolized my time. My hope is that I will be dispatched to the Storm Peaks as part of a supplemental brigade next month.

My hunter has achieved level 31. He's got a bear for a pet, a wolf mount, and can Feign Death. A war with the centaur awaits in Desolace. I am accepting suggestions for the bear's name.

Across the way, the blogstorm has eaten Megs. The list of prominent bloggers that have fallen to this menace is ever growing. I fear that I might be next.

A pile of to-do's awaits me, back into the abyss. Good travels, and Light be with you.


Doogiehowser said...

I love the show Man v. Wild. I have a bear pet and I named it Grylls. Although I can't tell you how many people whisper, "You spelled Girls wrong".

Naming pets is a very personal thing. Some people like to be funny, some people like to be serious, and others have hidden meanings. Go with your gut.

Until you figure it out, just call it Dog to have people scratching their head.

Kinkout said...