Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm A Triple Threat

In a VoA-25 PUG the other day, I was #2 on damage done and DPS. This did not impress me.

What impressed me was that I was #1 on healing, #2 on damage taken, and #1 on over-healing.

I didn't throw more than 1 Flash of Light during the fight, so I'm guessing that healing was attributed to my Judgement of Light.

I knew Archavon was easy, but I didn't think he was so easy that the healers can let JoLight outheal them.

I wonder if it's possible to kill Archavon with no heals aside from Judgement of Light, Divine Storm, Mark of Blood, and Vampiric Embrace (or is it Vampiric Touch? Whichever one is the heal-y one)...

Someone get me a well geared tank, a blood DK and a shadow priest. I have an experiment to run.

EDIT: Maybe a comp like this - Judgement of Light, Mark of Blood, Leader of the Pack, Healing Stream Totem, Vampiric thingy, Divine Storm, Sacred Shield, and Art of War'ed Flash of Light to keep the tanks up. Prot paladin main tank, feral druid switches to bear when the main tank gets picked up.

I think it's just crazy enough to work.


Anonymous said...

You're daft, man! You're insane!

However, given your evidence, that could possibly work... God help us all, it's the days of "OMG RAID GROUP OF ALL PALLIES IS VIABLE WTF", except now that complaint will be minus Holy Paladins :P

Dorgol said...

From the viewpoint of a Holy Paladin, it's not uncommon for Judgement of Light to outheal me. Especially on fights where there is just a small amount of AOE damage...

When things get bad are when Judgement of Light outheals me and DOESN'T have more overheal. I can target my heals to those that really need it, that Judgement tic is going off whether someone needs it or not. :)