Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Regret and Wanderlust

With names for a death knight alt bouncing in my head all day, my biggest regret in Warcraft has come rushing back.

I wish my paladin were still named Baelor. I have half a mind to contact a GM about getting this done. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, Baelor was the name of a lowbie inactive Horde character on Malfurion.

There's also the possibility of transferring to a PvP server and reclaiming the name that way, along with a little more open world PvP. I don't know if I can endure another server migration though. I've established myself (again, after becoming a stalwart member of the Runetotem community) on Malfurion. People know me. People I don't know wave to me. I get random tells asking me to come to instances because people know of my ability. I'm on good terms with most everyone on the Alliance-side in raiding guilds. And despite my not being able to raid regularly, I'm a member of a great guild filled with members who a) care about each other, b) are fairly skilled, c) like me, and d) would welcome me with open arms into any instance quest group.

The thought of transferring elsewhere doesn't have a lot of pluses, but it persists nonetheless. It was accentuated today by the realization that I will never run into a few of the people I converse with on a variety of forums because they are on different battlegroups and servers. This happened after a (staged) heated exchange between myself and Splug, of Illidan server. It was silly, but I really wished I could log in and meet him in one on one combat, just for kicks.

Why do I feel the need to explore another server?


runycat said...



Ta da!

Josh said...

You are a crafty one, Runy. I'll keep the fearsome crustaceans in mind if I ever feel like I need a change of scenery.

Orgauth said...

With the cooldown for server transfers being only a month now, and the PvE -> PvP restriction gone - explore all you want for $25 a pop. I sent a toon on a "temporary assignment" to assist a friend on another server, and transferred back when done. No biggie!

Dradis said...

Your on Runetotem! Holy crap on a stick! There is a high traffic blogger on the same server as myself! Woot!

Aerophilia said...

Not related:
BLUE! I like it, looks much nicer.

Josh said...


I used to be on Runetotem. Like, a year ago. Then I transferred to Malfurion server, where I currently am.

runycat said...

Listen, if the requirements for "crafty" have dropped to "be able to C&P a hyperlink," I'm in a world of trouble.

We really are trying to get things put together and focused for raiding at 80--and I finally think it'll all work out. Plus, we all know Paladins are super hax now. COME TO THE DARK SIDE.

Dradis said...


Josh said...

Paladins are pretty hax, but even if I did transfer, I wouldn't be able to commit to any sort of solid raid schedule. You're awesome though, so if I do want to transfer, I'm coming to you first.

And it's not just being able to hyperlink - it's recognizing mucho talent.
/beams with egotistical pride

Yea Dradis, I transferred off of Runetotem a year ago. How long have you been on Runetotem playing Alliance? I was there for the better part of 2.5 years, all as a paladin under the name Baelor. I was in Champions of Destiny, then Invictus, then Prophecy, then founded Adaptation (whom you can still find running around. Olorin, Teeseff, Ryufire, Darwi, Duthu, Krokken... all these guys will remember me, plus a bunch more).

Runetotem's raid scene was crappy, couldn't recruit for shit and the general populace didn't know how to gem/gear/spec themselves, so I left.