Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Battle for Wintergarde

I want to join the ranks of the 7th Legion. I loved the quests at Wintergarde Keep. I really felt like the battle for Wintergarde was tense and developed. There was quest variety, vehicle usage, recognizable NPC's from quests/locations past, and best of all, tons of undead to slaughter.

I don't know why, but I was entranced by the constantly respawning mindless mobs of zombies that rose up from the ground to the south of Wintergarde, I think in the Dawn's Reach area. At one point I held my mace high as I waded into the thick of things, Divine Storm'ing and whacking each zombie until I ran out of mana. They just kept coming!

I hate leveling, but I love doing quests that call for the thwarting of the Scourge. This expansion is paladin heaven so far.

What has your experience been to date? Love it? Hate it? Wish to marry it? Hope it burns in the fiery pits of hell?

I'm (I think) about a quarter to a third done with Dragonblight. I did just about all of Borean Tundra, and I'm debating whether to do the Howling Fjord after I do some more Dragonblight, or to move on to whatever is supposed to come after Dragonblight. Most of all, though, I wish I had more time to play. There are level 80's out there, and I'm about 5% short of 73 right now...

Damn this whole "real life" thing. Damn it to heck.

EDIT: Yea, I know my last post said I was taking it slow. But that was just my justification to fake myself into thinking it was cool to take my time. I really want to go faster and still soak in the lore at the same time.

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