Friday, November 21, 2008

D'oh, Divine Plea

So I logged in last night to do a bit of questing in Dragonblight (ding 73!). I did all of the following...

  • Killed a giant crab
  • Battled to the death underwater with an enormous shark
  • Went cliff-diving at the command of Lurker-type being
  • Had an out-of-body experience
  • Spoke to a large slab of rock
  • Slaughtered hordes of Nerubians and cultists
  • Thwarted the efforts of the Blue Dragonflight
  • Met Alexstrasza and her "consort" (which, to me, is another word for love slave)
  • Aided the Red Dragonflight in putting their dead to rest
  • Reported for duty at Fordragon Hold
  • Saw the Wrath Gate
  • Solo'ed a level 74 elite with 3 other level 72 mobs beating on me (which I did because, well, I can.)

Through all of this, however, I actually had to drink once or twice because I was trying to do too much at once.

But wait! I forgot about one little joy of an ability... Divine Plea. Instead of stopping to drink, I should have been popping Divine Plea every minute or so to replenish my mana.




Kevin said...

I have the same problem. Why is it that it's so hard to remember Divine Plea?

Chrom said...

UM, maybe because it should have been a baseline ability that paladins should have had from the begining! the fact that we have to be 72 before an ability like this becomes available is pretty short sighted. Paladins are soused to suffering through mana shortages,that we forget to use the ability that is there to help us because its not part of our normal rotation.
I put it right next to my heal spells and try to pop it right after i get my health back to full (avoiding the healing Debuff)

Vndead said...

i wish there's an auto way of popping this every minute. This skill isn't like "oh crap" button so popping it every minute would be more useful so might as well just make this into a passive spell. A min is not a long CD for what it does.

I don't even need this skill but it is a nice thing.

Heratic said...

Odd, I think of a 'consort' as a royals lover.

Orgauth said...

I only wish that Divine Plea didn't invoke the GCD - else I'd macro every ability I have with Divine Plea up front, as I do with DPS trinkets when in Ret /sigh

Klepsacovic said...

Yesterday while failing to find a group I wandered into MC to see what I could solo. Garr was trivial, though my mana did get low a few times. I popped a potion and then realized... I have divine plea! After that I've been using it regularly. I'm not used to getting 25% mana every 60 seconds, or 120, 180, 720 depending on when I remember and need.

Anonymous said...

Even at 77 I forget half the time to pop Divine Plea. It's a lovely thing to work into our rotation, it's just that our rotations have been so bland for the longest time it's hard to break that cycle.