Sunday, November 2, 2008


Did they add Forbearance back to Avenging Wrath? After they lengthened Forbearance and nerfed the damage increase from Avenging Wrath?

Now I'm starting to get a bit confused/angry.

I tried to "wing up" right after I had bubbled a few days ago (note: after the bubble had ended, not during), and my wings simply would not activate as long as Forbearance was on me. I hit my wings/trinket macro and only the trinket activated.

I have major problems if they're putting wings back onto Forbearance and they plan to keep Forbearance at 3 minutes. If they're worried about paladins using Avenging Wrath at the same time as Divine Shield or Divine Protection, they can simply do the following:

  • Lock Divine Shield and Divine Protection out for 20 seconds while Avenging Wrath is active.
  • Lock Avenging Wrath out for 12 seconds while Divine Shield or Divine Protection are active.
Seriously, this isn't rocket science or brain surgery. If the worry is that retribution paladins can use their wings while invincible, make it so they can't use the wings during the duration of the bubble! There's no need to prevent a paladin from winging up for 3 minutes after using his bubble. That was a major problem with retribution in the arena for the entirety of BC, and Avenging Wrath activating the Forbearance debuff brings that problem back into play.

Forbearance is a hatchet. Targeted ability lockout is a scalpel. This is a delicate situation, I think it calls for a more delicate tool.


Anna said...

They hotfixed it.

Apparently they can hotfix debuffs, but not tooltips.

Also, apparently this was more of a problem than fixing the damn stomping white corehounds.


Anonymous said...

It's rocket surgery.

Tom said...

It's getting to the point where i'm even more pissed that the tooltips arn't updated then the nerf itself.....

I found out about the hotfix in the middle of an arena match.. at least I guess that's what happened (same as you) but I can't find ANYTHING updated in the tooltips, no annoucment in login, NOTHING

How's a guy even supposed to know what's going on? How I can fight properly when no one explains the change mechanics... GRRR

Gryphonheart said...

They've been hotfixing Retribution Paladins like mad recently. It's gotten to the point where I just comb through MMO-Champion and the official WoW forums each day to see what else they've changed.

As a side note, Forbearance is now only 2 minutes long, which is an improvement over its initial 3.0.2 duration of 3 minutes, but a nerf compared to its 2.4 duration of 1 minute. =\

Also, there have been some other changes via hotfix (not all of which have been mentioned or acknowledged by Blizzard). For example, Sanctified Wrath supposedly no longer allows for the bypassing of damage reduction effects, and Judgement of Justice now only lasts 10 seconds in PvP. There are probably a few more I'm missing.

Basil said...

I've never really understood why a defensive ability shares a cooldown of sorts with an offensive ability.

That just seems fundamentally weird to me.

Khassad said...

I was out for the weekend and I found out the hotfix yesterday night during M'uru fight... not fun.

By the way, AW now removed from my primary bar.