Thursday, October 23, 2008

Undeath, and the Implications Therein

As many have noted, Arthas has made the first move in the coming war. Infected grain has appeared in many major cities, turning law-abiding citizens of both the Alliance and Horde into brain-craving ghoulish zombies. Whole towns have fallen to flocks of rapidly deteriorating carcasses feasting upon the flesh of our dear NPC's and quest-givers. The plague of undeath is spreading, and I fear that the stalwart guardians of the Alliance cannot safeguard our cities themselves.

You must help them.

The power to stem the tide of carnage rests within you. Cleanse the plague from the infected. Call upon your Holy Wrath and stand your Consecrated ground. Unleash a Divine Storm. Do what you must to protect you and your's.

Others may accuse you of being in league with Arthas for cutting down their friends. But if they have turned into zombies, they are no longer friends nor allies. They are the Scourge. They must be stopped.

This is a clarion call to all paladins - retribution, protection, and holy. Protect your homes! Combat the plague! Send these hellish beasts back to the grave!


EDIT: The Plague must be stopped. Join my crusade.
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Anonymous said...

Now that is slick. Haha, I'll admit, despite being a roleplayer and supposedly considering the implications of what everything means for my characters, I've really been thinking about how I could organize a raid of brain-munchin' zombies on a capital city.

Dradis said...

I have been leaving Sense Undead up just so I know who is around. It is fun making Players-Turned-Zombies into smoldering piles of zombie parts.

As a side note, Bubble is not your friend when infected. However, if you want to mess with people, invite them to your group when they are infect, cast Hand of Protection on them and then Holy Wrath, Exorcism, Judgement, CS, DS, /dance.

Aerophilia said...

Turn Evil anyone? ^_^

John said...

I Have had been having so much fun nuking Zombies where ever I find them. I get whispers all the time from dolts bitchen' because I exocised them into next week. I mean, I'm a Paladin, it's sorta my job to kill undead. And with Holy Wrath what it is now, you would have to be crazy not to want and let that baby fly as often as possible.

Using a Water Walk potion in BB, and just chill in the bay using AS, Exocism and HoW. Lol.. I love watchen'em scatter.