Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Prepared?

T-minus one day and counting, people! Patch 3.0 is upon us. Make sure you head over to Wowhead's WotLK pages and craft up a new spec, get those herbs ready to gouge the auction market (the scribes will gobble them up!), and go find some new add-ons, because I guarantee that a bunch will break tomorrow.

Also, get ready to hand that herb money back to the scribes who get up to 350 skill, because you'll want to pay them for glyphs. Natch.

I've gotta figure out how I'm going to change my keybinds! Divine Storm must be accomodated!

And if you've got any hope/chance of achieving a high arena rating, make sure you get your games in tonight. Season 4 ends with the patch.

(Yes, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. You try blogging about raiding as retribution when you raid twice a month.)

Speaking of raiding! I ended up playing a little last night, and got yoinked into Sunwell to fill the shoes of my guild's replacement for me. He disconnected and then went M.I.A. mid-raid, so I got to see my first Felmyst kill (Triple conqueror drop! No boots for me though, 'cuz I'm not a raider.), and then watched the raid get totally smashed by the Eredar Twins a few times until they decided to toss me for more healing. I felt so used! I'm Something Wicked's call girl - get the call when they've got the itch, do my thang, then get thrown out when they're done with me.

Not even a goodbye kiss. Harumph.

I'll write up the Felmyst strat from a ret paladin's perspective soon. Keep a look out!


Pike said...

Not looking forward to the inevitable addon breakage, it's true... sometimes I wonder why I had to become dependent on so many... *mutters*

Josh said...

I've been thinking of scaling back and becoming a minimalist in the brave new 3.0 world. Prat or chat equivalent, a raid frame mod (acclimating myself to default UI for parties of 5 or less - Grid perhaps?), and maybe a few asthetic mods like a mini-map mod or a tool-tip mod.