Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mount Macro Made of Awesome

As I noted to CyrnraAnar in the comments to my last post, here is the macro I use for mounting/dismounting:

#showtooltip Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
/cast [flyable,nomounted] Turbo-Charged Flying Machine; [noflyable,nomounted] Charger
/stopmacro [nomounted]
It will:
  • Mount my flying machine if I'm in an area that allows flying (i.e. Outland)
  • Mount my Charger if I'm in an area that allows mounts but no flying
  • Dismount if I'm currently mounted.
Replace everywhere where it says "Turbo-Charged Flying Machine" with your flying mount of choice, and you can replace "Charger" with your ground mount of choice (Amani War Bear? Chocobo? Gnomish Death Chicken? Whatever).

Now if I could only figure out the syntax to make it toggle my Crusader/Retribution Aura when I mount/dismount...


Tuan said...

to do aura, you have to click it once more because the aura has 1 sec GCD.

so if you want to add to that same button:

/castsequence reset=5 [flyable,nomounted] !Crusader Aura, Turbo-Charged Flying Machine
/castsequence reset=5 [noflyable,nomounted] Crusader Aura, Charger
/cast [mounted] !Retribution Aura

Something like that...

Josh said...

Bah. I had a Crusader/Sanctity toggle in my pre-3.0 macro that stopped working, but didn't require hitting the macro twice. Pressing twice defeats the purpose.

Tuan said...

I don't think it ever worked because Auras always had a GCD and Charger also have GCD (before this patch) + normal mount CD.

There's no way you can do it without using external software to delay your keys and that's illegal.

Josh said...


I didn't have any sort of key delay mods. But, I also didn't use my Charger in the macro. I used an item mount - usually my Black War Horse until I got an Amani War Bear. However, now the Charger doesn't cost mana and is basically the same as an item mount so I use it.

But, I swear upon my mace that I had a line in my macro akin to "/cast [nomounted] Crusader Aura; /cast [mounted] !Sanctity Aura"
or something like that, and it worked and changed auras/mounted at the same time

Garry said...

Bed time for me so I won't have time to test this tonight. I cut and pasted this from http://www.retpaladin.com/warcraft/macros-and-mods/ (third macro down).

/cast [nocombat, nomounted] !Crusader Aura; [mounted] !Sanctity Aura;
/cast [nocombat, nomounted] Black War Steed Bridle;

* This macro will, if unmounted cast Crusader Aura and mount (a Blue Hawkstrider in this case). If mounted it will cast Sanctity Aura then dismount. The mount must be a regular mount, it won’t work with the paladin mount spells.

The exclamation point is the notoggle indicator. With it if you have Crusader Aura on already and click the macro it will not toggle the aura to off, but if you had another aura it will still switch to Crusader.

Of course replace with the auras and mounts of choice.

Josh said...


Yea, that's the macro I was using. I seem to remember the toggle not working... I'll give it a shot later tonight I guess. Thanks!

Dave said...

I use the following as I like to conserve space and use one of the N52's -

/cast [nocombat,harm]Holy Shield;[nocombat,flyable]Flying Machine;[nocombat]Charger
/cast [combat,mod:ctrl]Turn Evil;[combat]Consecration

What this does is if not in combat does all your mount stuff unless you target something you can kill. It then allows you to prep Holy shield.

During combat it allows you to use Consecrate and if you press CTRL you can turn evil.

As for aura swapping, ZOMGBuffs keeps me straight on that.

I believe I have enough room to add the auto toggle to it as stated above, but I was running into issues with getting dismounted and the aura not changing and me forgetting to change it so I just took that part out.

One last thing if it was not obvious, but I am prot atm.


WOW power leveling said...

Not bad! I will come back to read more soon!!!