Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Delete Your WTF Folder

After piddling around with the patching and the frantic panicking, I figured out that somehow a setting on my router was not forwarding a port correctly, and that's why I couldn't connect to WoW. Problem solved, Cathmor alive and well.

I decided I wanted a totally fresh start with my UI now that 3.0 borked most of my add-ons. I trounced around some of the major cities yesterday with the default Blizzard UI after deleting my WTF and saved variables, only preserving my macros.

Over the next few days/weeks, I'll be rebuilding my UI from scratch and exploring new keybindings, since I've got all sorts of new buttons to push (DIVINE STORM!). I've been reduced to a total nooblet, however - I never realized how much I had come to rely on my target-of-target frame in PvP, and I can't stand the Blizzard base UI combat text. Also, the new Seal & Judgement system has me in all sorts of confusion, with Judgement being 3 spells instead of 1, the debuff not being tied to the seal, and Judgement being on the global cooldown now. And remembering that Avenging Wrath doesn't incur Forbearance is apparently difficult for me.

Anyway, I'm going to try to build the leanest UI I can just so I have fewer add-ons in the folder. If you have any suggestions for new and improved working add-ons and mods, please leave them in the comments! Some add-ons that I have been considering:

Pally Power - because there's still nothing better.
Pitbull - alter my unit frames and tooltips.
oRA2 - main tank windows for raids, if/when I raid.
Omen - everybody's favorite threat meter.
FuBar - if I can find plug-ins for most of the mods I install, I definitely liked having FuBar. I'm just not sure if it's working correctly in 3.0.
Prat (or equivalent) - being able to mouse-scroll through the chat window is amazing.
Parrot - I've been told that Parrot is a good floating combat text mod. Might give it a shot. I'm open to alternatives.
Cartographer - better map interface.
Bartender4 - better bindings, better bar placement, Bartender4.
Deadly Boss Mods - because everyone needs to know when that whirlwind is about to happen.
Item Rack (or equivalent) - I don't know how I managed my gear swapping without ClosetGnome or Item Rack. I need one of them back.
Proximo - for all my arena needs.
Buffalo (or equivalent) - to alter the appearance/location of my buff bars.
Cooldown Count - so that I know exactly how long until I can Divine Storm.
Quartz - for casting bars and swing timers.
Aperture (possibly) - if I find myself in need of more screen space, I might re-install this viewport mod.

If anyone knows of mods that work, mods that don't work, or mods that are better amongst the ones listed above, please feel free to say so. And if I didn't list a mod that you think is crucial to any ret paladin, pipe up and tell me!

Other than lose some arena matches, gawk at the achievements UI, blast my interface into the Stone Age, completely re-bind my keys, explore the new harbor, and mess around with a few new macros, I just ran around in some of the major cities trying to decide what to do. A guildmate threw me a Glyph of Judgement and a Glyph of Seal of Command, so I equipped those, and I re-enchanted my Dreadboots for Surefooted. FYI, Surefooted had 10 crit rating added to the 10 hit rating on the enchant, it is now an amazing enchant, especially with Precision gone and everyone asking "WHERE'S MY HIT RATING?" Go re-enchant the boots you love.

Merry WoW'ing, one and all! I'll be back soon with some UI re-building tips/gripes.


argent said...

If you haven't tried it, I heartily recommend ZOMGBuffs over PallyPower. It's got a couple features that I'd never even dreamed of which are great for raids and for BGs:

- Tracks all the buffs you can do (including self-buffs, like RF)
- You can set up exceptions if you want to buff all the shamans with Greater Blessing of Wisdom, and then slap a Blessing of Might on one enhance shaman. And it can remind you when the 10-minute duration comes up, and to re-apply the regular blessing after the greater one.
- You can set it up to only cast regular blessings in BGs if you don't want to waste symbols.
- Players can set their own preferences via a whisper if you want it. Something like: !zomg -sanc +might for a DPS warrior. (Sets up an exception, as above.)

I'm using Parrot for scrolling combat text, Pitbull for my unit frames, and Bartender4 for buttons. I'm hoping that I can get Quartz and Chatter working again, but at the moment they seem to eat all chat text (or one of them, maybe?)

Josh said...

Argent, I promise to try ZOMGBuffs if I end up in a raid. I know you've suggested it in the past, and now that I've wiped the slate clean, I'll give it a shot.